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🇨🇭Fatos Haxhaj is unstoppable at Day1 C

Entries 36/ Left 4

After Marc Klinger's exploit on Day1 A and the equal finish of "Reys" and Radu Pitic on Day1B, in two flights with over a hundred entries each, it was hard to predict that out of the 36 total entries on Day1 C we could find the tournament's new chip leader, but instead...

At the end of the day, the Swiss Fatos Haxhaj (photo below) took the satisfaction of putting everyone in line. Not only his direct adversaries, faced in the third flight scheduled for this week, but the entire list of qualifiers which, with the 4 that matured yesterday, arrives at a total of 43 (to the new ones must be added the 20+19 totaled between Day1 A and Day1 B).

Speaking of numbers and, more specifically, of entries, those of Day1 C add up to 231 in the first two flights, bringing the total to 267.

No special feature today, after Tuesday's Special Price and last night's "Bonus chipleaders", which rewarded the first 10 places with a 1,100 CHF ticket for the IPO Master scheduled from 14 to 20 November.

The Qualifiers

Normally we give you the Top 5 of the day but, with 4 qualifiers, it would to all intents and purposes be nonsense, so let's hear what day's chip leader Fatos Haxhaj had to say at the end of the day:

"There were only a few of us today but it was still a good tournament and I was able to express my game to the best of my ability. I'm delighted to have finished so high but it's still early to draw conclusions, we'll talk about it on Day2!"

His performance takes on even more prominence when compared to that of the second in the ranking, compatriot Christian Niederer who managed to bag 349,000. Little curiosity: the two equal chip leaders from Day1 B accumulated the exact same stack as Niederer and there are now three of them sharing the provisional third position in the overall ranking.

Third place in Day1 C, on the other hand, goes to "Pippi Langstrumpf" (287,000), Austrian, and often at the bottom of tournaments in these parts, such as at the last Warriors won by Andrea Ferrari last 25 July. Fourth place and virtual wooden medal for Croatian Rod Tidwell at 146,000.

The action will resume today at 13:00 with the CHF 150,000 Bounty side event. From 15:00 onwards the spotlight will be on the CHF 80 Main satellite before the highlight of the day with the CHF 250 PLO side event starting at 17:00 and Day1 D of the CHF 390 Warriors from 18:00 onwards. Below is the full list of qualifiers from Day1 C.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. 🇨🇭Fatos Haxhaj 640.000

  2. 🇨🇭Christian Niederer 349.000

  3. 🇦🇹Pippi Langstrumpf 287.000

  4. 🇭🇷Rod Tidwell 146.000


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