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🐺 "FireFly" does great at Day1 B

Entries 108/ Left 21

After a fiery Thursday thanks to the CHF350 "special prize", Friday did not disappoint expectations at all, and 65 players turned up for Day 1B of the White Wolf Main Event, which, thanks to 43 re-entries, brought the entry counter to 108.

An excellent result if we consider that in the first two flights out of the six available CHF80,000 of the 200,000 guaranteed for this event has already been collected. The top ten finishers also won a CHF1,100 ticket for The Wolf High Roller scheduled for 18-22 January.

Standing out among the 21 survivors is an Italian, whose identity is concealed by the nickname "FireFly" but not his essence, since thanks to the 541,000 chips accumulated, he can fly high in the count as light as a flame:

"It was an excellent day, which started slow and ended in the best possible way. As soon as I managed to make a few stacks I could attack a relatively quiet table and consolidate my position without having to risk too much.

I'm a cash-gamer but I don't disdain tournaments and in fact, my goal lately is to place a few flags and get a good result. Who knows, maybe this tournament will be the right time!"

La Top 5

Immediately behind the chip leader of the day, we find a well-known local regular, "Emilia", capable of closing with 537,000 in a day that saw him shining as well as on several other occasions around the GCPoker Room.

Third place for "CatGirl", who often remained in the high parts of the count and chip leader for some stretches: at the end of the day there were 488,000 chips stuffed in the envelope. In fourth place "Big Chick" with 485,000.

Closing out the top 5 is Ciprian Bucatariu (461,000), the protagonist of the 3-way deal at last November's IPO Main Event when it was "Emmella" who triumphed. Two other local regulars also qualified, "Space G" (12th with 253,000) and "GIVI" (170,000). The full count follows.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. "FireFly" 541.000

  2. "Emilia" 537.000

  3. "CatGirl" 488.000

  4. "Big Chick" 485.000


  6. FABIAN MARRER 414.000


  8. "Ivan Brandiburg" 394.000

  9. MARIANO MONTI 315.000

  10. DANIELE LUNARIO 312.000

  11. LORENZO SEMINO 300.000

  12. "space G" 253.000

  13. "Mili" 239.000

  14. SALIM HAMIRANI 220.000


  16. BERND THOMAS WOLF 196.000

  17. SEBASTIAN MARZEC 185.000

  18. "GIVI" 170.000

  19. MARK VON WARTBURG 163.000

  20. "Sascha Messmer" 103.000

  21. GIUSEPPE DI SANTO 81.000



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