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🐺 "Floori" leads Day1 C

Entries 64/ Left 12

The third day of play at the GCPoker Room goes to the records: thanks to the 64 entries registered at White Wolf Day1 C, (40 of which are physical players together with 24 re-entries) the 100K mark has been already crossed with just 3 of the 6 available flights are gone.

The top five finishers also secured a CHF1,100 ticket for The Wolf High Roller scheduled from the 18th to the 22nd of January.

Today's best player hides behind the nickname "Floori" and, for privacy reasons, he preferred not to make any statement about his performance however, the hand that pushed him to the top of the count, which was the last of the day (photo above), deserves a mention.

A hand that also determines the ranking valid for the Wolf HR ticket, as the double-up allows the day's chip leader to jump to 578,000 chips, ousting Murat Yilmaz from fifth place.

The Top 5

In addition to the aforementioned 'Floori', we find in second position Johann Schamne at 511,000 followed by Claudio Baldini (441,000). David Weder (419,000) and Giuseppe Di Taranto (406,000) complete the Top 5.

Several regulars qualified for Day 2, including Murat Yilmaz (331,000), Guido Presti (312,000), Andreas Fröhli (190,000) and "Nokia 3310" (158,000). The complete list of the 12 survivors follows.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. "Floori" 578.000

  2. JOHANN SCHAMNE 511.000

  3. CLAUDIO BALDINI 441.000

  4. DAVID WEDER 419.000


  6. MURAT YILMAZ 331.000

  7. GUIDO PRESTI 312.000

  8. SAVERIO CARFI 310.000

  9. ANDREAS FRÖHLI 190.000

  10.  Nokia 3310 158.000

  11.  Colic 127.000

  12.  Mark 57.000



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