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🐺 Fabian Egger running hot at Day1 D

Entries 64/ Left 12

The first flight on Saturday, Day 1 D, went ahead collecting 64 entries (44 singles and 20 re-entries) and sending 12 more players to Sunday's Day 2. A further CHF24,000 and change went into the prize pool, meeting expectations, while Day 1 E is now underway in the main wing of the GCPoker Room.

Today's best, and luckiest, player is the Italian (at least on paper, despite his clear German origins) Fabian Egger (photo below), capable of collecting 678,000 chips, the second-best performance recorded in all 4 Day1s played so far:

"If you are chip leader, you clearly ran pretty well! - jokes Fabian at the end of the day - Everything I tried to do was successful all things considered. One hand in particular? Yes, we were both very deep and I decided to 3-bet with K-K the opening of a player in position and got the call.

The flop ran K-4-2 with a flush draw, and we both opted to check. The turn is a 6 that doesn't complete the flush draw and, after the opponent checked, I decided to bet and the call came. The 10 on the river was another card of a different suit, so there was no chance of making a flush and my opponent decided to check-raise my rather large bet, at which point I opted to go all-in and got called by 6-6 (set ed.) for a pot of over 400 big blinds.

We were first and second in chips at the time, so it was all downhill from then on. To be fair, my opponent hasn't been too lucky today: in a previous spot where he had Aces and I had Jacks, I even managed to hit quads with two Jacks on the board! I'm not a regular, I just play for fun with friends and from time to time I don't mind playing live."

The Top 5

Today's best performances, in addition to the aforementioned Fabian, belongs to Antonio Chialafa (517,000), "Buksza" (412,000), "Anonym" (377,000) and "Lionel Hutz" (376,000).

Circuit regular Manuela Mätzler also qualified for Day 2. In total, of the 12 qualifiers, half are from Switzerland, which is the country with the highest number of participants so far considering the flights played so far.

In the next paragraph, you can find the complete list of qualifiers with their stacks in play.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. FABIAN EGGER 678.000


  3. “Buksza” 412.000

  4. “Anonym” 377.000

  5. “Lionel Hutz” 376.000

  6. ZOLTAN BENE 332.000

  7. MANUELA MÄTZLER 237.000

  8. “Wolf” 229.000


  10. MARIO UNGERSBÖCK 207.000

  11. THOMAS HOFMANN 144.000

  12. ERIK RADUSOVSKY 125.000



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