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🐺 'N13 Professor' bosses Day 2!

Entries 565/ Left 14

Day 2 of the White Wolf Main Event came to an end after 9 levels of play, with 565 entries (370 single entries + re-entries) generating a prize pool of CHF208,560 out of the 200K guaranteed.

The day started relatively early today, as the last qualifying flight was being played at 13:00 for access to Day 2, scheduled from 19:00 on.

Play got underway with 117 survivors, with Day 1 A chip leader Nimetula Ramadani leading the way.

At the end of the Day, however, despite his excellent position in the count, it wasn't him leading the troop to the Final Day. Instead, 'N13 Professor' (pictured above), who qualified through this morning's flight and was able to bag a whopping 4,600,000 chips, did just that:

"It was a great day considering I started this morning... I saw so many cards, tied so many points and here I am! No, it's not the first time I've been in the lead on the final day, so let's hope I do well again tomorrow.

The reason for my nickname? I'm not a professor, but obviously, the number 13 is my lucky number!"

The tournament

Day 1 F chip leader "Kawasaki", was certainly among the main characters of the day, for better or worse. For the better because it wasn't at all easy to close a turbo flight with 600,000 chips, and for the worse because his elimination was the result of a bluff that was a little too strong against a solid opponent such as "Borat90".

The action in a nutshell: we're 34 left, blinds 12K/24K, ante 24K. "Borat90" opens from CO, "Kawasaki" 3-bets from SB, and Original Raiser calls. The flop says J♣️ 4♦️K♣️ "Kawasaki", c-bets big, about 2/3 of the pot, "Borat90" calls.

The turn is a Q♣️ "Kawasaki" decides to bet again, about half the pot, leaving behind only 400K and change, call. The river is a J♦️, "Kawasaki" goes all-in, and "Borat90" goes in the tank for a while, however, realizing the size of the pot and the amount he should add, he calls turning K♠️ Q♥️.

"Kawasaki" shows 9♦️ 7♦️and "Borat90" flies to around 2.5 million chips, moving up into the provisional Top 5 stacks.

This was not the only bad bluff, however, because at the next table the chip leader at that stage of the tournament, "CatGirl", decided to force his hand against Dorjan Usha in this way.

We are at blinds 12K/24K, ante 24K: "CatGirl", from UTG, opens to 55K, MP flats, and Usha, from the SB, makes 150K. OR calls, and the flatter folds.

On the flop K-K-9, the action goes check to check. On the turn, an Ace, Usha bets 125K, OR raises to 375K, and Usha stays in the tank for a while and makes the call. On river 10, Usha checks again, "CatGirl" goes all-in for about 1M actual stack and Usha snaps-flops with A-K as his opponent turns 5-2o, for a stone-cold bluff.

Huge bluffs aside, it was Nimetula Ramadani who made the best of things for long stretches of the tournament and he will be one of the "big stacks" who will try to win the title tomorrow along with F.Y., who is also deep (and it is no coincidence that he will start from provisional second position).

On the other hand, it's a rollercoaster for Andreas Fröhli, who was often at the top of the count both before the bubble burst and in the later stages and was forced to leave the ranks at 3 tables left, due to a small stack.

Azad Gozler and "Borat90", the protagonist of the spot mentioned above against "Kawasaki", also did well. "Yana", the only woman left in the race among the 14 survivors, also passed the day. Below is the complete ranking of the 14 survivors.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. "N13 PROFESSOR" CH 4.600.000

  2. "F.Y." AT 4.425.000

  3. "PHILOOOO" CH 3.720.000

  4. AZAD GOZLER CH 2.900.000


  6. "CK" CH 2.370.000

  7. "BORAT90" DE 2.300.000

  8. DORJAN USHE ALB 2.130.000

  9. DRITAN KALECI CH 2.100.000

  10. NIMETULA RAMADANI CH 2.005.000

  11. "Saverio" CH 1.785.000

  12. "CHRIS07" DE 1.195.000

  13. "YANA" UA 1.040.000

  14. THANH TUNG NGUYEN 665.000



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