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🎙️Alexandros Dymogiorgis: “Nine months ago, my poker journey began: since then, I never stopped!

The Wolf Millionaire is about to start, and we couldn't miss out on chatting with Alexandros Dymogiorgis, the last Wolf High Roller winner before the party begins!

Yesterday afternoon, we had the pleasure to exchange a few words with one of the upcoming protagonists of the event that is taking place at the GC Poker Room in Bendern, Liechtenstein, from the 11th to the 23rd of April.

Despite his good results in live tournaments, Alexandros is relatively new to the live poker scene:

"My career as a live pro started recently. I had a few nice scores in my country, and then I went to Bratislava for the Poker Grand Prix, where I took first place. Since then, I haven't stopped traveling!"

When it all began

"I started as a dealer in 2009 in a small poker room in Athens. I worked there for six years and learned to play the game. My career as a poker player started officially in 2015. I joined a team led by a Greek PokerStars pro, who staked and coached me.

I then got into Spin&Go for one year, and that's when I stopped working as a dealer. I began playing alone in 2017 and gained experience in everything related to being a full-time poker player. I mean the good and bad sides: the joy of a win, the downswing..."

Summing it up

"Things went up and down as usual in these last seven months. I scored a few good results and scoped the Wolf High Roller in Liechtenstein as well.

My experience back then? The field was relatively soft compared to EPTs or other higher-buy-in tournaments, and when nothing crazy happens and your hands hold at the showdown, it's easier to get through. I even pulled out a huge bluff straight before the final table, which allowed me to start the final as a chip leader. And when this happens, I generally get the trophy! 😋"

Poker lifestyle

"I don't play much online because it's different from live games. I like to spot tells from people, and, generally, it's a more involving experience. You're on the right path if you study the game and know how to behave at the tables. Then, we all make mistakes, and I do in every tournament I play, but I try to learn from them.

I love this lifestyle; the poker community is something unique. You can talk about the game with a stranger for hours and be okay with it. Plus, we all know how poker goes and that even the best player in the world has to lose most of the time. We all know it, and we don't care!"


Being always at the top in such long poker tournaments is the most complex challenge. Swings, bad beats, emotional ups and downs. Here's how Alexandros got his way in the live scene:

"I have my way of handling long tournaments because staying focused for many hours is difficult. I try to keep it simple and avoid tilting for stupid bad beats, trying not to let my emotions decide for me. In case of tilt, I just learned to stand up from the table and take a couple of minutes of break.

In terms of structure, the Last Wolf has been, by far, the best tournament I've ever played. My friend Symeon told me about it, and he was right! I'm sure The Wolf Millionaire will also be a lot of fun!"


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