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🇮🇹 'Eriknitro' unstoppable at Day1H

Entries 665/ Left 67

The penultimate scheduled flight at The Wolf Millionaire Main Event, Day1H, also went ahead with a total of 665 entries (including 477 singles and 188 re-entries).

With Day 1I underway as we write, which will therefore add more players to the total tally, so far there have been 2,812 entries and 281 qualifiers for Day 2 this afternoon.

The tournament

Taking the stage is "Eriknitro" (photo below), already the winner of the last CNP at the end of July and always in great form in EuroRounders tournaments. His stack, (1,488,000), besides being the best of the day, is the second largest in the overall count.

Here is what Erik told us at the end of Day:

"Everything went very well from the start. I already had 300,000 chips at 1,000 blinds and if it hadn't been for three really unlucky hits I would have reached a million already at that stage! I put a lot of pressure on the table and was always above average.

The decisive hit? In that case, I was the luckiest, but I honestly don't expect my opponent to call with less than a premium hand, and his call with A-Ko, although I could have done with it, didn't convince me much.

In short, I opened from UTG with a stack over 60x 6♦️ 5♦️, UTG1 flutters, UTG2 3-bets (he plays over 50x) who was suffering a lot from my aggression, and I decided to go all-in directly. The ranges are very tight in this dynamic and I think I have a huge fold-equity, as a matter of fact after UTG1's fold 3-bettor decides to call.

On the board comes 4-Q-3-J-2, I fold straight and raise to over 1.3 million with just a few orbits to go before the close of the Day... Not bad!"

The Top 5

If there's no question about first place, there's not too much to say about second place either as Germany's Gezim Nreca is a bit of a vacuum behind him with 1,282,000 chips accumulated.

He is followed a little further behind, although above the million mark, by the excellent Davide Cojaniz, third in the provisional Day count with 1,039,000 and in the Top 10 overall.

Bogdan Falconi, from Sassari, is fourth in the Day count with 1,006,000, just a few chips ahead of the German "SEM BOCHUM", at 989,000.

Scrolling down the count we find some constant presences on Day2: in addition to Marcello Miniucchi, (18th at 488,000) here's "Mephisto" (42nd at 261,000) and the evergreen Vincenzo Scarpitti (60th at 123,000). The complete Day1H count follows.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. ERIKNITRO FELLBACH Italy 1488000

  2. Gezim Nreca KERNEN XXK 1282000

  3. Davide Cojaniz Lignano Sabbiadoro Italy 1039000

  4. Bogdan Florin Falconi Sassari Italy 1006000

  5. SEM BOCHUM Germany 989000

  6. Adrian Modoran GLINA Romania 706000

  7. Mario Magistro Foggia Italy 705000

  8. Emil Ciprian Barat Roman Romania 683000

  9. LBS06 viti XXK 650000

  10. Angela Maria Zarbo SAN DONATO Italy 642000

  11. Robert Gulas Most Czech Republic 590000

  12. Mandy Patinkin WIEN Germany 588000

  13. David Novotny Prachatice Czech Republic 566000

  14. Christopher Campisano FILADELFIA Italy 558000

  15. Ferrari BAD SODEN Italy 556000

  16. Constantin Smintanca BRUXELLES Romania 530000

  17. Luigino Brandimarte SAN GIOVANNITEATINOIT Italy 529000

  18. Marcello Miniucchi PESARO Italy 488000

  19. Zeus NEU ISENBURG Greece 467000

  20. Raul George Sav Allershausen Romania 449000

  21. Stefan Mital Nový Bydžov Czech Republic 443000

  22. Babak GD graz Austria 443000

  23. Radek Kotas Štěchovice Czech Republic 443000

  24. Lucky7 MÜNCHEN Germany 441000

  25. Romain Alexandre Kevin Becker Rozérieulles France 440000

  26. Max Grube Lohse VANLOESE Denmark 434000

  27. Deno OFFENBACH Germany 430000

  28. Daniel Rejc Praha Czech Republic 426000

  29. Bogdan Alexandru Bogorin Bucharest Romania 404000

  30. Daniel Strachinescu GRADISTEA Romania 400000

  31. Velimir Letica Stuttgart Germany 395000

  32. Marko Bajic Arco Bosnia and Herzegovina 380000

  33. Alexandru Mihai Laszlo KRAICHTAL Romania 372000

  34. Rafal Wilk LODZ Poland 329000

  35. Dragan Zivkovic DREIEICH Germany 327000

  36. Vladimir Fabok BRATISLAVA-PETRŽALKA Slovakia 296000

  37. M.FISCHER DARMSTADT Germany 289000

  38. FERRY Stuttgart Germany 279000

  39. Jakub Koleckar Praha Czech Republic 277000

  40. Camel Remini Audincourt France 275000

  41. ALUCARD Halle (Saale) Germany 269000

  42. Mephisto BERLIN Germany 261000

  43. Riccardo Roberto Campana LUGAGGIA Switzerland 250000

  44. HaJo KALBACH Germany 239000

  45. Mr Bergeroo BIRMINGHAM United Kingdom 236000

  46. Randy Rolf Hofmaenner BUCHS Switzerland 209000

  47. DODI Rosh Haayin Israel 197000

  48. Pooh OFFENBACH Italy 197000

  49. Andreas Benno Tollkuehn BERLIN Germany 195000

  50. Eirimas Tomkevicius SIAULIAI Lithuania 192000

  51. Dorde Jovanovic NOVI SAD Serbia 191000

  52. Haward Konstantin Speer HATTERSHEIM Germany 190000

  53. Andreas Enzendorfer STEYR Austria 181000

  54. Ionel Serbu WATFORD Romania 174000

  55. Gregory Gimenez 68270 France 171000

  56. Carmelo Romeo ULM Italy 168000

  57. HENNE 71 LEIPZIG Germany 158000

  58. Alexandru Budai TIMISOARA Romania 144000

  59. Sergiu Maftei Chisinau Romania 137000

  60. Vincenzo Antonio Scarpitti ROZZANO Italy 123000

  61. Gheorghe Pop Arad Romania 123000

  62. Matin Mokaram Dori INNSBRUCK Austria 120000

  63. Karim Mohamme Ghiatt LUNEVILLE France 118000

  64. Jochen Geiselmann MUENSTERTAL Germany 107000

  65. Joao Car Lourenco De Oliveira CHAVES Portugal 105000

  66. Michael Manfred Hoch Würzburg Germany 86000

  67. Winston Wolf KARLSRUHE Germany 58000


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