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Lorenzo Arduini at Wolf Millionaire after the EPT final table: "Happy, yes, but I'm still hungry!"

A pleasant chat with the EPT Paris finalist, next starring at Wolf Millionaire

It was May the 21st, 2023 when we first came across today's guest. We are talking about the last Italian able to reach the final table at the European Poker Tour, Lorenzo Arduini, fresh from 8th place for €158,000.

Lorenzo just closed as chip leader in the 300K GTD Wolf High Roller at the GCPoker Room in Bendern, Liechtenstein, and within 48 hours he would find himself in the final heads-up against Emil Abadgiev, winner of the event.

Lorenzo Arduini al heads-up contro Emil Abadgiev al Wolf High Roller
Lorenzo Arduini al heads-up contro Emil Abadgiev al Wolf High Roller

At that precise moment, the 26,980 Swiss Francs cashed was the biggest prize ever won in his career in a live tournament. It was only the beginning because, within a few months, Lorenzo would get his hands on the Main Event of the France Poker Series for €211,000 in prize money.

From that second to last Sunday in May 2023, to the 19th of February, the day Lorenzo hit the final table at EPT Paris, barely 9 months have passed: a mere trifle if one thinks of the career of a live tournament player, an infinity if one considers the exploit, in terms of results, that Lorenzo managed to achieve (so much to squeeze in the Italian Top 100 of the All Time Money List, occupying 62nd position with 703 thousand dollars in gross winnings).

From poker on TV to TV table

That's why, in addition to the pleasure of having another chat with Lorenzo, we are honored to be able to interview one of the brightest talents that Italian poker has produced in recent years.

Since there's not much material about him on the web, we decided to start from the beginning and let him tell us how his love for poker began:

"I got into the game at a young age watching poker on TV, I've always liked games that have a lot of strategic depth. I opened an online account on as soon as I was old enough but played very little until 2017 when I started to take poker more seriously.

I opened an account on Winamax and started playing a lot of tournaments. Of course, the results were poor at the beginning, but quite quickly I got some scores and some nice titles. Then I moved to Switzerland (at that time for my PhD in biology) and also started playing live at a local casino.

Fast forward to the summer of 2020, with a thesis going wrong and COVID-19 messing up a bit my plans, I switched to full-time poker pro. I play MTTs, both online and live, and sometimes cash-game when I attend live events."

Poker, mon amour

It would seem that France brings good luck to Lorenzo, who has scored the two biggest results in his career there: just a coincidence?

"In general I played a lot in France, so it's not surprising that the biggest results came there. What did I feel after finishing 8th at the EPT? The feelings are mixed: there's the frustration of not having done better once there because the steps are worth so much, a feeling tempered by the knowledge that I couldn't do a much better.

Overall I'm very happy with my game, I was able to express my usual poker while being in a special context in the second 5K tournament of my life and I think I did very well. I've played too many tournaments in my life to think about the final result while there's still a long way to go, and of course, as long as you're in it, you don't even think about when it might end."

Never give up

Lorenzo Arduini all'ultimo IPO Master in Liechtenstein
Lorenzo Arduini all'ultimo IPO Master in Liechtenstein

As you might know by your own experience, especially in a game like Texas Hold'em nothing is lost until there's a seat open. Here's a tidbit from Lorenzo's EPT Paris Day1 :

"I've been sitting for just half an hour and in a 3-bet spot I hit Flush against my opponent's Full House, remaining with only 2,500 chips which at that moment were equal to 12BB, not even 10% of the initial stack.

In the next blind war, SB puts me all in and I call A-2o, he has Q-To. Flop Q-T-9 and there my thoughts went like: 'Ok, it's one of those days... Turn 9, river A. Until you're not out you should always have hopes!"

Although these are two tournaments with different buy-ins (1K for the FPS Main, 5K for the EPT), it doesn't seem so unreasonable to ask Lorenzo about the differences in field level and emotions:

"Honestly, at field level, this deep run reminded me a lot of the France Poker Series, right up to the final table, where you can find yourself with a player who is world-class next to a player who is perhaps much less technically armed than you.

In terms of emotions maybe it's different because I realized that a lot of people follow the EPT, I got a lot more messages this time that I didn't shout and I won less money than last summer! It was a really good adventure and an experience to be repeated."

Un'altra istantanea di Lorenzo Arduini all'IPO Master
Un'altra istantanea di Lorenzo Arduini all'IPO Master

The best is yet to come

How about, however, the remarkable progress made over the past year, especially in terms of results?

"I am quite happy with my evolution as a poker player because I still realize that I have done things that I never would have dreamt of when I started. But I am also aware that I can still improve a lot, and study more, there are many situations where I can become better, both in terms of technique and 'macro'.

I don't have a precise goal because as a tournament player, it's difficult to set sensible goals as the run in the short term has a heavy impact; we'll see in the future if and when I feel completely satisfied, for now, I'm still hungry."

The last line goes to the next EuroRounders event in which we will see Lorenzo taking part, the Wolf Millionaire that will be in Liechtenstein from the 11th to the 23rd of April:

"I'm pretty sure my next visit to Liechtenstein will be for the Wolf Millionaire in April!"

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