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🇩🇪Patrick Wagner is on a roll at Day1F

Entries 437/Left 43

The sixth scheduled flight for The Wolf Millionaire closed late into the night with the first player to exceed one million chips. In total there were 437 entries (335 physical players and 102 re-entries), allowing a further 43 players to secure a pass for Day 2 on Sunday.

In total, we have 1,261 entries and 129 qualifiers, with three more flights to play, two today (Day1G of which is underway as we write) and one tomorrow morning in Turbo mode, with 20-minute levels each.

The tournament

With the Super High Roller in the spotlight, Day1F seemed to pass almost unnoticed, but it was Germany's Patrick Wagner (pictured below) who raised the tournament hype by bagging the largest stack accumulated by a player to date: 1,056,000 chips:

"Alla penultima pausa avevo 8 big blind, ho foldato per 2 livelli di fila! Tornato dalla pausa ho raddoppiato con 7-7 contro J-9 e da quel momento in poi le carte mi hanno sorriso ed eccomi qui.

No, non sono un professionista ma adoro il poker e mi piace prender parte a eventi come questo, è un'emozione riuscire a fare bene ed arrivare in fondo. Incrociamo le dita per il Day2!"

The Top 5

For the first time, we did not see a German invasion in the top positions of the count (except for the chip leader), and so in second place, we find the Greek Nikolaos Kotranidis (841,000), followed by the Czech Petr Satek (832,000).

Completing the Top 5 is Slovakian "JOZI HS" with 817,000 and Frenchman Brice Maxens De Kermadec (768,000). The first Italian on the list instead is Antonio Cabras, 7th at (693,000), preceded in 6th place by Bosnian Marinko Plavsic (755,000).

Below is the complete list of the 43 qualifiers for Day2 via Day1 F.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Patrick Wagner Germany 1056000

  2. Nikolaos Kotranidis Greece 841000

  3. Petr Satek Czech Republic 823000

  4. JOZI HS Slovakia 817000

  5. Brice Maxens De Kermadec France 768000

  6. Marinko Plavsic Bosnia and Herzegovina 755000

  7. Antonio Cabras Italy 693000

  8. Dejan Jakovljevic Netherlands 666000

  9. Sebastian Einbeck Germany 632000

  10. Wojciech Jan Frankowski Poland 595000

  11. Sandor Mate Hungary 494000

  12. Shpend Stajki Croatia 476000

  13. Longfuzius Germany 474000

  14. Andrius Bielskis Lithuania 473000

  15. Leonardo Colavito Italy 470000

  16. Gabriele Vitalone Italy 455000

  17. Michail Kavouras Greece 451000

  18. Tawfik Samih Belgium 432000

  19. Daniel Novak Slovakia 418000

  20. Michael Heinrich Germany 391000

  21. the perser Germany 360000

  22. SLAVUJ Montenegro 345000

  23. Jakub Bartlomiej Matusiak Poland 333000

  24. Maor Zaharagi Israel 329000

  25. EASY MANNY Germany 325000

  26. Dominik Dietrich Germany 319000

  27. chiKKita banAAna Israel 313000

  28. Remo Sterza Italy 276000

  29. Paul Kohan Romania 258000

  30. Jakub Zaverka Czech Republic 241000

  31. Simone Pegolott Italy 229000

  32. Nejat Erenguec Germany 221000

  33. Christian Magi Italy 220000

  34. @pokertourneyjourney Czech Republic 210000

  35. Koko88 Romania 185000

  36. Sunshine Ellie Germany 178000

  37. Andrejs Nozdrins Latvia 164000

  38. Ulrich Robert Meissl Germany 155000

  39. Diamond Jack Germany 144000

  40. pls1 Germany 129000

  41. Andrii Stebelskyi Poland 123000

  42. peso7 Slovakia 120000

  43. Renato Alberto Ardelean Romania 115000


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