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🇷🇸 Zoran Zivanović is the best on Day 3!

Entries 177/ Left 21

It was an intense day, to say the least, that ended at the GCPoker Room at the Grand Casino Liechtenstein, where the 177 qualifiers through the three available Day2s battled it out for 14 hours straight.

In the end, 21 players were left to play for the chance to win the EuroRounders "Club" and a first prize of 200,000 Swiss francs (and change). We covered today's action in our live blog (available by CLICKING HERE), and, at the time to bag the stacks, Serbia's Zoran Zivanović (pictured below) had accumulated the biggest one.

Due to a few too many language barriers, we were only able to snatch a few lines from the day's protagonist, who, rather pleased with what he had done today, limited himself to commenting as follows:

"There were several situations where I had the best hand and managed to win some nice pots. I think I played well and hope to do even better tomorrow!"

The Top 5

Zoran Zivanović closed at the top of the count with 9,425,000, followed by an indomitable Besnik Lalinovci at 8,250,000.

Third position for "Ospite" with 8,175,000, fourth place for "KJ" (7,925,000) and fifth for the ever-present Andreas Fröhli (6,975,000), protagonist of several ups and downs throughout the day. Below is the complete count ahead of Day 2 tomorrow at 13:00.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Zoran Zivanovic RS 9.425.000

  2. BESNIK LALINOVCI CH 8.250.000

  3. Ospite IT 8.175.000

  4. KJ AT 7.925.000

  5. Andreas Fröhli CH 6.975.000

  6. EasyCall91 PL 6.900.000

  7. FERYAT CAPAR TR 5.375.000

  8. Leandro CH 5.300.000

  9. @positiv_chi ES 5.250.000

  10. RALF IMDAHL DE 5.100.000

  11. CHRISTIAN HERTEL DE 4.750.000

  12. Pitschsen CH 4.750.000

  13. Mark DE 3.950.000

  14. DENIS ZIMMERMANN CH 3.625.000

  15. Christian Beer DE 3.500.000

  16. GIVI IT 3.375.000

  17. Robert Alois Reichen CH 3.375.000

  18. BRUNO STEFANELLI IT 3.275.000

  19. KATER CARLO DE 3.075.000

  20. LUKAS GONZALEZ ES 2.375.000

  21. Buksza SK 1.900.000

To review the action day by day, check out our live blog by CLICKING HERE!


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