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🇨🇿 "Sofa King" is Day1 A chip leader!

Entries 46/ Left 6

Day1 A of the Wolf Millionaire ended a little earlier than expected, given that at the end of registration, the Tournament Director, as per the regulations, reduced the duration of the levels from 30 to 20 minutes as the 50 entries were not exceeded.

This is nothing transcendental considering that, as a rule, the turnout on the first days of the week certainly does not reach the weekend figures. The best of the troop today was Czech "Sofa King" (photo below) who closed at 895,000 chips, about 3 times the tournament average. Below are his impressions at the end of the tournament.

"It was a very good day, I finished with the best stack and I am very satisfied. How did I manage to chip? Some lucky shots, some good cards... No, I'm not a pro but a couple of times a month I come to play a tournament, especially in Rozvadov as I live not too far from here.

Have I ever finished at the top of the count on Day1? Yes, once a few years ago and it went horribly! Hopefully, I'll do better at this tournament!"

The Top 5

Considering the small number of qualifiers, six, it would be a mistake not to mention the sixth place finisher so, chip leader aside, here is how the Day1 A ranking is completed.

In second place with 310,000 chips is Roman Korniienko, followed at 224,000 by ‘Asso’. Fourth place for Mehrdad Nasiri (194,000), followed by B.S. (174,000) and Bob Schlund (68,000). Below are the qualifiers in stack order.

Unofficial Chipcount


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