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🇦🇹 Andreas Fröhli flies on Day1 D!

Entries 124/ Left 22

After last night's great Day2, which sent the first 52 players to Day3 on Monday, 22 April, today saw the staging of Day1 D, valid for access to Day2 B next Thursday.

Unlike the first three flights with a reduced buy-in of CHF600, Day1 D, E, and F have the "Chipleader Bonuses" feature, which guarantees 10,000 Swiss Francs to the top three finishers in each day's count, redistributed in the measure of 5K to the first, 3K to the second 3 2K to the third.

The first to take advantage of this feature was Austria's Andreas Fröhli (photo below), with 777,000 chips, not a random number, especially in casino games.

Andreas Fröhli is among the Day3 qualifiers from yesterday's Day2, and this evening, he decided to reappear at the tables; here's why:

"I only came through with eight big blinds, and as much as you can still play even with such a short stack, I decided to reappear in this flight after doing the math and talking to another player, who is a specialist in re-entries and Days with the chip leader bonuses feature.

A few hands from the end I lost A-J to A-T and for five minutes I found myself going from first to third in the count. A few hands later, however, I won another pot and managed to close at the top of the count and take the top prize."

The Top 5

The direct opponent of Andreas Fröhli, who was ahead of everyone for long stretches of the tournament, is the Swiss Wuttipong Favre, who, thanks to his 646,500 chips, takes second place in the count and cashes for 3,000.

Third place was given to the German "Hempmaster" at 562,000, followed by Friedrich Paul Räz (534,000) and Emil Abadgiev (512,000), winner of a leg of the Wolf High Roller also here in Liechtenstein. Today's total count follows.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Andreas Fröhli AT 777.000 CHF 5.000

  2. Wuttipong Favre CH 646.500 CHF 3.000

  3. Hempmaster DE 562.000 CHF 2.000

  4. Friedrich Paul Räz CH 534.000

  5. Emil Abadgiev AT 512.000

  6. Bruno Stefanelli IT 509.500

  7. Frank Pelster DE 453.500

  8. Sascha peter Wieland CH 364.000

  9. Johannes Thöni IT 340.000

  10. Staublaui99 CH 334.000

  11. Volkan Demirbas CH 293.000

  12. Manfred Karl Müller CH 261.500

  13. Simon Fabian Ernst Feistle DE 254.500

  14. Raffaele Francese IT 253.000

  15. Gregor PL 244.000

  16. Mario Lanthemann CH 240.500

  17. Gassi17 CH 226.000

  18. BP CH 209.000

  19. Simona Divella IT 158.000

  20. Moric Antonowicz DE 128.000

  21. Yana UA 67.000

  22. Claudio Piceci CH 53.000

To review the action day by day, check out our live blog by CLICKING HERE!


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