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🇩🇪 "Mark" is Day1 A chip leader!

Updated: Apr 13

Entries 148/ Left 24

Day 1 A of the Wolf Millionaire Main Event at the GCPoker Room in Bendern, Liechtenstein, has just concluded, the opening day of two very intense poker weeks.

Ninety-six players took advantage of the Special Price of 600 Swiss Francs (148 if we consider the re-entries), but only 24 are sure to re-enter for Day 2 A.

The best of them all, despite this being one of the biggest tournaments ever played, was "Mark (photo below), who could close at 1.145.000 chips, around double the current tournament average.

"It was simply a great day!" Mark warmly commented. "I'm an amateur. I come from Bavaria, and it's my first time playing in such a big event.

I can't even say that I played well or poorly; it just happened, and here I am. I'm thrilled to play Day 2; let's hope for the best!"

The Top 5

Aside from "Mark," who took the group's lead, there's Ivan Meciar from Slovakia (pic above), who bagged 1.018.500 after being ahead of the count for almost the entire evening.

Third place goes to " Foifi" from Switzerland, who can be happy with his 830.000 chips. Germany's "FIRALDO" (527.500) and the Swiss ALEXANDER GRAF (483.000) complete the top five. The complete list of all qualifiers is below.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Mark DE 1.142.000

  2. IVAN MECIAR SK 1.018.500

  3. Foifi CH 830.000

  4. FIRALDO DE 527.500

  5. ALEXANDER GRAF CH 483.000

  6. KARL WEBER CH 396.000

  7. 24HARRY CH 387.500

  8. BORIS PRANJES HR 366.500


  10. JackSlater AT 345.500


  12. SIMON FEISTLE CH 289.000

  13. ERNST STOLLER CH 275.500

  14. KATER CARLO AT 274.500

  15. Champion1905 TR 272.000

  16. Austria AT 265.500

  17. Ospite IT 231.000

  18. Roman CH 194.000

  19. LAHDO ENDRAVUZ CH 170.000

  20. Vineglas AT 168.500

  21. LEON17 BIH 150.000

  22. RAINER BERTSCH CH 149.000

  23. BUGI CH 101.500


To review the action day by day, check out our live blog by CLICKING HERE!


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