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Struttura Sharkbay
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1 - Where is it and how can it be reached?
Strada dei Censiti, 21, 47891 Rovereta Republic of San Marino


by plane
Airport of Rimini and San Marino - Federico Fellini (13 km - 20 min)
Ancona Airport - Raffaello Sanzio (100 km - 1 hour)
Bologna Airport - Guglielmo Marconi (130 km - 1.20 hours)


on the train
Rimini station (13 km - 20 min

2 - How many levels on Day1?
For each Day1 there are 13 game levels, late registration will remain open for the first 11.

3 - Is it possible to book for Day1?
Yes it is possible through our app or our website Registration guarantees the right within 30 minutes before the start of the tournament, otherwise it will not be considered valid anymore

4 - What time do registrations open?
Registration opens 30 minutes before the start

5 - Is there a break for dinner?
Yes, only on Day1F and Final Day

6 - Will the results be published on the Hendon Mob?
Yes, all SharkBay events are communicated to Hendon Mob 


7 - Are there satellites online?
Yes, on the network

8 - How is the winnings paid out?
Up to €1,999 in cash, plus by bank transfer or cheque.

9 - Are there cash tables?
Yes, there will be cash tables available every Thursday and Friday they will open at 21:00, every Saturday and Sunday they will open at 16:00 

10 - What game levels do the cash tables have?
From €2/€2 to €10/€20

11 - What is the rake percentage retained by the casino for the Cash Game?
from €2-€2 to €2-€5 > rake 5% cap €20
if €5-€10 > rake 5% cap €25

if €10-€20 > rake 5% cap 30

if €20-€40 > rake 5% cap 40

if €25-€50 to €50/€100 > rake 5% cap 50

12 - Is there an entrance fee to the casino?
No, admission is free

13 - How will the payout be?
The payout will follow a table approved by the San Marino State Games Authority which divides the prize pool into percentages according to the entries registered. The table can be consulted inside the poker room. 

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