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Carmelo Battaglia leads Day2A, 56 players advance to Day3!

The Day2a has come to an end with 56 players who survived the first step of the Million 2018 by Premier Events.

Carmelo Battaglia took the lead with 1.73 M in chips, followed by Fabrizio D'Agostino with almost 500k less.

Dimitrov Georgiev with 1.085.000 chips stands on the lowest step of the podium; all remaining players rank below 1 million chips.

Maria Elena Giunchi, the highest stack at the beginning of the day, closed in 14th place with 843K coins on her side.

Yesterday's Day1C chip leader, Nicolaj D'Antoni bagged 330K chips and lost most of his stack to Anna Del Prete in 3-way pot, on which Anna picked her Ace on the flop against Nicolaj's Kings.

Among the other notable players, Claudio Di Giacomo didn't manage to get through despite a solid stack, thanks to his brilliant performance in Day1A.

We saw him short stack after the first two levels of play, so we asked him what happened while she was still in with around 20 bigs: "A bad bluff and flip..." he answered.

All qualifiers will come back Monday the 22nd for Day3, blinds 10K/20K ante 20K.


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