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Gianmarco Martini on top of Day1F, Karakashi on fire, 175 qualifiers.

The second to last chance to gain a seat for Day2 has reached the highest number of entries among all previous flights, and Gianmarco Martini led the pack with 580K chips on his side.

415 players have bought-in during Day1F, but only 175 advanced to the next step and had the chance to keep dreaming big.

Many well-known online grinders have joined the main room today, as Dennis Karakashi (second in chip with 573K), Eugenio Sanchioni (373K), Nicola Cappellesso (150K), Salvatore Saracino (283K), Fares Shehadeh (186K), Christian Nuvola (83K), Gennaro Proscia (197K), Italo Modena (76K); Andrea Montrone (278K), Alessandro De Iaco (144K) and Flaviano Cammisulli (207K).

Nice run for Andrea Benelli (210K), Alessio Isaia (136K), Andrea Dato (181K) and Luigi Pignataro (42K), no luck for Sergio Castelluccio and Angela del Re.

Here's the top ten:

1. Gianmarco Martini 580.000

2. Karakashi Dennis 578.000

3. Mehmeti Fatjon 532.500

4 Nikola Kolega 428.000

5. Milan Rakic 411.000

6. Andrea Buondi 383.000

7. Eugenio Sanchioni 375.500

8. Favio Casavecchia 362.000

9. Damir Magazin 355.000

10.Christopher Campisano 350.000

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