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Wang Chaofei is Day1G crusher, 132 players advance to Day2!

The last flight available in this two-week festival has seen a total of 370 registrations out of which 132 players have step into Day2 after 13 levels of intense battle.

Wang Chaofei crushed the day and bagged a huge 783.500 stack in chips, followed by Lorenzo Papavero with 581K.

After a few tries Claudio Di Giacomo reached again Day2 (he has already played Day2A and got busted) with 168.500 chips, as well as Angela Del Re who brought 71.500 to Day2.

Andrea Fossati (240.000), Dragan Galic (366.500), Marco Iodice (174.500), Simone Miracoli (69.500), Simone Oddo (71.500) and Gaetano Preite (66.500) booked a seat to Day2 as well.

The action will be back today, Sunday the 21th, with Day2B and Day2C, startin from 12.00. Keep it up!

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