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IPS ready for the grand final and for a great 2019

After the trip to the King's Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic, the Italian Poker Sport returns to the Perla of Nova Gorica. The Ips €200.000 guaranteed will be played at the Casino Perla in Nova Gorica, December, 13 - 17. A lot of news and gems to be discovered, from the tickets already awarded, to the magnificent and playable structure up to an ever more European field, following the exploit of this format. 

WE START WITH OVER 400 BUY IN - The first good news is that, during the season, Ips has accumulated over 400 tickets, that will result in as many registrations ready to compete at the start. A basis that will allow to the guaranteed to be covered by €200.000 a good start. Sources close to the organization say that the prizepool will be rather easily broken and widely exceeded. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL STRUCTURE OF THE SEASON - It is one of the most beautiful structures on the low-buy in market and is the best of the season. Buy in is €315 + 15, stack 50 thousand chips and the levels grow from 40 minutes of day1 to 50 of day2 up to 60 minutes of the final day Ips. The tournament includes 1 entry per day. It starts from 100/100 and then rises to 2,000/4.000 ante 4.000, the 13th level that closes the late registration and that is repeated for the 14th gaming level. Levels 20.000/40.000 ante 40.000, 35.000/70.000 ante 70.000 and 70.000/140.000 ante 140.000 have been added in this edition, and Button Ante will be played. MORE AND MORE EUROPEAN FIELD - The organization reports the presence of many players from all over Europe: there will be players from Portugal, Spain, Austria, Germany. Croatia, Serbia and finally from France, which finally attends IPS, after many editions of incomprehensible absence. Thanks to IPS Rozvadov, there will also be some players from the Czech Republic and invitations are coming for the King's tournament field and many others will reach Nova Gorica. Thanks to the events organized in Bulgaria, the organization has retained an important public from this country and there will be Greek and also Albanian players. All thi proves the growth of the brand at an international level, that is increasingly known on the European continent.

SPOILERS FROM THE NEW SEASON - is media partner of Italian Poker Sport. We get some preview from this proximity due to our presence in these events for live streaming coverage, communication and comments. The desire is to move from organizing poker events and proprietary formats to the role of a hub for foreign partner events, giving to the players of the various circuits the chance to have a point of reference for playing events all over Europe. Something really important is developing. The first big news from 2019, we are not talking about the only organization of events but of a real container of offers aiming to give multiple services to players, and a re-branding operation is under way for a few months to do all this, and a pool of promoters among the most influential in the European live poker market. From what we have been able to gather, it seems that the new board has already been established and the Italian Antony Angeloni, who lives in Slovenia, has unanimously been chosen, affirming again his administrative skills and qualities. We got a comment from him: "It is a union phase between the most important realities promoting live poker in Europe, our investments and the ongoing partnership actions implemented between 2017/2018 have allowed us to be both close to the balance sheet of this season, with a new growth of 18% compared to the previous year, and to know and cultivate ever stronger relationships with founders and owners of brands known throughout Europe. Our organization has had a period of great activity, we have set ourselves and we achieved ambitious goals, but now the time has come to evolve and believe in this new configuration, where as promoters of our brands we will transform and we will join in a sole container, where players can finally have the chance to participate in the best international events having our total assistance available for the entire booking and accommodation phase. I am happy to have been chosen by my colleagues to lead this group, this new project will start from 2019 and it sees us exclusive dealers of the promotion of really remarkable brands, but I still don't want to announce that, I just say that IPO Italian Poker Open will one of these, but it won't be the most important one" 

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