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The wait is over, IPO comes back to San Marino from 3 to 8 January 2019

The Italian Poker Open returns, 3 - 8 January, in San Marino at the Best Western Palace with Giochi del Titano and EuroRounders. The wait is over. This time for real. The Italian Poker Open comes back to be played and lived and, for the first time in its history, goes away in January, 3-8 2019, in the Republic of San Marino with Giochi del Titano and EuroRounders organizing it. Exceptional location, the Best Western Palace of the small state incorporated in the Italian borders, same geographical features of the old location, where the IPO was born, grew up and achieved the records that have placed it as an international brand. Really feverish anticipation since Andrea Bet, the creator of the format and the brand, has joined EuroRounders with Antony Angeloni and Lele Sgherza and all the staff, who are aiming for an international project on live poker. Everyone is asking for the new location for the IPO and how it would have been and when it would have been done, with what guaranteed. So, here they are the information with the questions (many already) that can finally be satisfied. WHICH IPO WILL BE? THE RECIPE IS ALWAYS THE SAME AND CAN'T BE TOUCHED - Imagine a dish that you love to eat or a cocktail that you prefer to drink: how would you feel if somebody told you that the ingredients could be twisted? Here, IPO San Marino provides for the classic cut of the buy in of €550 and it starts with 45-minute levels and a stack of 40 thousand chips, with blinds to grow to 60 and 75 minutes to the final day. The prizepool is of €500 thousand guaranteed, confirming the amount up for grabs that has always set the tournament at the beginning of each year, for some years now. There is the classic entry at day1A and there will be 4 qualifying flights.

THE STRUCTURE - As above, the structure can't be touched, it remains that of the IPO, as always, ot at least of many editions played until the 27th of its history. It starts on Thursday, January, the 3rd, at 6.00 pm, as always and 13 levels will be played with the late registration set at the 12th level. Many satellites, like that of 5.00 pm and that of the 8.00 pm with 5 guaranteed tickets. Same program on Friday, and then the double flight on Saturday, starting at 12.00 am and at 6:30 pm. Many chances to qualify for the day2 of Sunday, January, the 6th, an epiphany that is expected very rich also for the presence of two side IPO 250 button ante and IPO 150 side event. The day3 of Monday, the 7th is accompanied by a Pot Limit Omaha 6max tournament, that is played all in one day with the One Day formula and a buy in of €270 + 30 freezout. The tv table is played on January, the 8th at 3pm! 

BETTER TO REGISTER! - The wait was very long and is directly proportional to presences that will transfor in big numbers the many requests arrived in these months and in the hours that followed the announcement. So, as always, it is good to register, given that you can do it totally free of charge and on the and websites in the events section, of course. It should be specified that the right of first refusal to the seat at the table is valid until one hour before the start of the tournament. You avoid queues, you are sure to play, all for free, avoiding the waiting lists that, however, always moves quite well. The location will guarantee many tables, so the problem could be limited.

CASH GAME - As known, the Republic of San Marino and Giochi del Titano have opened to the possibility of organizing cash games in locations like the Best Western that will host IPO. It will be an important plus, to offer players the most complete gaming experience as possible, between main events, side and cash game. 

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