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Super Caroli at the top of Ips Day1A Grand Final! Sixteen players fly to Day2! We're ready for d

Nova Gorica - At the top of the Italian Poker Sport's day1A 👆which has totaled 79 entries, there is Michele Caroli with 748,000 chips when the average end of the day played just under 250,000 chips. Three times the average for him that could even close on 850,000 if he had not lost a final blow with his main follower, Giovanni Chiofalo, 444,000 chips. Chiofalo called with 6-9 suited spades a bet of 80,000 chips on the river of Caroli: "I have A4s hearts, flush draw nuts, oesd and I can not win this hand with his call ". And then he promises his opponent: "I hope to find you at the table of day2!". Chiofalo laughs under his mustache and counts the chips. Third Paulo Calvinho who jumped to 400,000 on the final eliminating Andrew King, finalist at the Million last February and with over 600 thousand dollars 💵won in his career. 🎥This is the hand: Level 2000/4000 before 4000. Opens from a late position 12,000 chips Paul Calvinho and receives two calls with Andrew King who shoots a super squeeze from 122,000 chips (he has already done during the tournament), with the 'intent to grow a lot in the final. It is the second bullet carried out at two levels from the end and wants to take as many tokens as possible. Snap plays Paul Calvinho and all others pass: JJ vs. AJ and the board gives the scale to Calvinho that eliminates King: 10-7-Q-9-K. Fourth Renato Ljubas who had climbed up to half a million chips after 8 levels of play eliminating practically all the players left the table in which he played throughout the day. Then he closed with 353,000 chips. We also report Umberto Checco to 329,000, Matteo Fortunato to 290,000, Marco Mikovic to 154,000, Andrea Zanusso to 92,000. At day2 16 players fly and Emiliano Bono, Jacek Pustula, Danilo Colomba, Jonni Mansutti and many others did not make it. It will start again from the 2.000 / 4.000 level before 4.000 level. 👉Today at 16 the satellite with 10 tickets guaranteed and then, at 19, the day1B. Saturday 15 December the two flights, Day1C at 12 and Day1D at 19. Then the last chance with the turbo at 12 on Sunday 14 December. The buy in is 315 + 35 euros, stack 50 thousand chips and levels of play from 40 'to 50' to 60 '. IPS GRAND FINAL - DAY1A 79 ENTRIES 16 LEFT AVG 246.875 NEXT BLINDS 2.000 / 4.000 B.A. 4,000

Unofficial chip count: 1. CAROLI MICHELE 748.000 2. CHIOPHALO GIOVANNI 444.000 3 CALVINHO PAULO 400.000 4. LJUBAS RENATO 353.000 5. CHECCO UMBERTO 325,000 6. FORTUNATO MATTEO 290,000 7. PERIN STEFANO 234,000 8. ACORPORA LORENZO 225,000 9. MAZZEO MASSIMO 187,000 10. WOZNIAK MICHAL 158,000 11. MIKOVIĆ MARKO 154,000 12. BEKČIĆ MARKO 140,000 13. ZANUSSO ANDREA 92,000 14. D'ORIA LUIGI 91,000 15. DARIO LINO 77,000 16. GUIDI GIANNI 65,000

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