Daniel Teixeira: "I have a really good vibe and feeling about Nova Gorica!"

His best poker result is at an Ips in Nova Gorica. He's Portuguese and he's a cop. We interviewed Daniel Texeira and, working permitting, he’ll try to play the Euro Poker Million”

Tell us about yourself: age, city, your life, how often you play poker? “My name is Daniel , I live in Porto since I was born. I am 30 years old and I am a police officer in my hometown. I don’t consider poker an hobbie, I consider it my passion. I’ve been playing poker since 2008, but on a regular basis since 2011. I am cash gamer because my job doesn’t always allow me to have a 3 day gap to focus on a tournament but whenever I can I participate in international tournaments. Because the rush of winning in a 1000 player field is just priceless.”.

From 15 to 30 July the Euro Poker Million will be played at the Perla Resort in Nova Gorica for 1 million euros. Will you be there? “Still don’t know if i’ll make it to the Europoker Million because of-once again - my job but I’ll try to”.

What's more plus in the Euro Rounders tournaments that you visit often? “What’s plus about the european tournaments i’ve been in is the diversity of nationalities of the players and the different kinds of poker style there are... I play poker 2,3 times a week but I always learn so much in european tournaments”.

What is your best result and the one in Euro Rounders tournaments? And in your poker career? “My best result was in july 2018 I ended up in 7th in a field of 927... in IPS played in casino Perla in Nova Gorica. It was definitly my most memorable moment in all my poker journey, i haver a really good vibe and feeling about Nova Gorica it would be a homecoming victory”.

What’s your poker dream? “My poker dream is that one day I can live a life based on poker being just a professional poker player and travel internationaly on a regular basis to all the great tournaments out there... and of course becoming extremely rich out of it by winning a massive one against all of my favourite players”.

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