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Marcin Andrzejewski: "I travel all over world but the Euro Poker Million is special and the pl

One of the hero of the Euro Poker Million will be Marcin Andrzejewski. Let's get to know him better in this interview. Tell us about yourself: age, city, your life, how often you play poker? "I'm from Poland, from Bialystok. I travel a lot around Europe, because of my job, I run a 4ThePlayers travel agency".

Are you a professional poker player? "I play a lot of cash game - that's why - I do not need a lot of time, just like for a tournament. In addition to the game, I usually work a lot on such trips. The specificity of tournaments is such that you have to spend a lot of time, cash game can be interrupted at any time, tournaments is a time discipline".

From 15 to 30 July the Euro Poker Million will be played at the Perla Resort in Nova Gorica for 1 million euros. Will you be there? "I am happy to come to the whole festival (two weeks). Of course, the plan is to win the main event. This is a great structure, very deep, lots of playing awaits us".

What is your opinion on the Euro Poker Million and the Euro Rounders tournaments? And the schedule and the structure sheet? "I like it very much. There is always a great atmosphere at festivals organized by my friends from EuroRounders. I know that a large group of players will come from Poland. This is a fantastic poker festival. See you at the final table, in the end of July". So, good luck!

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