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Casey Kastle: "I will play the first low buy in week and i can't wait because i love Euro P

Tell us about yourself: age, city, your life, how often you play poker? Sono di Ljubljana e i split my time equally between Slovenia, Australia, Asia an Caribbean. I play about 4 months for year, mostrly cash games, some tournament. I almost retired in 2012 but now I play about 3000 hours a year in poker". Are you a professional poker player? No, i'm not a professional poker player but i win something and i play poker often". From 15 to 30 July the Euro Poker Million will be play at the Perla Resort in Nova Gorica for 1 million euros. Will you be there? "Yes it's my first time e and i love being in Slovenia and i play rarely when i stray at home. Every couple of years I like to come to Nova Gorica to visit for a weekend or two. This time hearing of the 1M guarantee, I had to come give it a shot. 300k would make for a nice summer. I also hope to play a decent Plo cash games during the series. Any of you Italian guys like the 4-card game?".

What is your opinion about the Euro Poker Million and the Euro Rounders tournaments? And the schedule and the structure sheet? "It's my first time but the structure looks goodf and i'm very excited about my comeback to Perla Rest, the lovely local Vineyards and giving it a run. I've won before in Nova Gorica and would be fun to win again in my home and favorite counntry on my heart".

Which is the Italian player you prefer? And your country? "I like all italian players except one. He is one of the more famous ones and a real jerk. In Slovenia out star is Miha Travnik, Wpt champion, tremendous player and even a greater human being. A role model in all ways".

What is your best result and the one in Euro Rounders tournaments? And in your poker career? "My best result is that i've bee playing since way before tv and internet in over 40 countries and i'm still not broke and wearing shorts and sandals more than 340 day2 a year".

What’s your poker dream? "That the ratio of women to men playing flips hand become 4-1 and that we ban all smoking and punish mercilessly cheating". What is your favorite place in Slovenia? "I love Vrsic, Logarska Dolina, the Soca Valley, Velika Planina, Lake Bohinj, Jezersko, Old Town Lju and the Vigo ice Cream Shop in Ljubiana adn my Teta Ana's House for ajfove zgance and potica".

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