EPM Half Million Rozvadov, Sorna leads Day1B, Moschella and Xi among the 34 qualified players

Rozvadov - Only one Italian poker player qualifies from Day1B of the Euro Poker Million € 500,000 Grt at King's Resort in Rozvadov with the collaboration of Euro Rounders. Luca Moschella is the former competitor of La Casa degli Assi and he has played many events in his career hitting some itm just in Rozvadov. He bagged 424,000 chips among the 34 qualified left players from the 234 entries.

Paki Sorna, a German player, leads with over 1 million chips. Above 900,000 chips are Dichev Yasen and Piotr Sadowski from Poland. The others are more detached at an altitude of 600,000.

With 498,000 chips, Jin Xi, the winner of the IPO Master Lugano and the Euro Poker Million ticket, also moves to Day2 and continues his excellent run.

Today Epm Half Million Day1C (Cap 500 entries) at 11am, satellite to Epm Main Event 10 seats Gtd 45 + 5 euro buy in at 3pm and Epm Half Million Day1D Speed (Cap 500 entries) 220 + 30 buy in at 6pm.


Solo un poker player italiano si qualifica dal Day1B dell'Euro Poker Million 500.000 € Grt in gioco al King's Resort di Rozvadov con la collaborazione di Euro Rounders. E' l'ex concorrente de La Casa degli Assi e che ha giocato molti eventi in carriera centrando alcuni itm proprio a Rozvadov. Ha imbustato 424.000 chips tra i 34 players left qualificati dalle 234 entries.

Al comando c'è Paki Sorna, tedesco con oltre 1 milione di gettoni. Sopra le 900.000 chips ci sono Dichev Yasen e Piotr Sadowski, polacco. Gli altri sono più staccati a quota 600.000.

Con 498.000 chips passa al Day2 anche Jin Xi, il vincitore di IPO Master Lugano e del ticket per l'Euro Poker Million e continua la sua ottima run.

Oggi in programma Epm Half Million Day1C (Cap500 entries) at 11am, satellite to Epm Main Event 10 seats Gtd 45+5 euro buy in at 3pm and Epm Half Million Day1D Speed (Cap 500 entries) 220+30 buy in at 6pm.


First name Last name Nationality Chip count

Sorna Paki Porang Germany 1091000

Yasen Mladenov Dichev Bulgaria 932000

Piotr Sadowski Poland 907000

Giuseppe Domenico Boussemart France 652000

Gonzalo Daniel Veiga Bacci Spain 641000

B.ketzer Germany 601000

Bumbelow Germany 601000

Marius Negucioiu Romania 600000

Yashar Paki Porang Germany 520000

Xi Jin China 498000

David Ludo M Vyncke Belgium 475000

Kostya Vasiliev Germany 455000

Oren Elmakayes Portugal 437000

Robert Radian Kovacs Romania 430000

Moschella Giacinto Luca Italy 424000

Victor Bubak Germany 414000

Hussam Abdel Aziz Germany 410000

Nauris Zemaitis Lithuania 387000

Maciej Ludwik Kondraszuk Poland 337000

Gyusy Romania 332000

Sebastian Kos Czech Republic 308000

Teodor Negrea Romania 295000

Lekkakos Georgios Alexandros Greece 272000

Martin Bezuch Slovakia 264000

Marco Bucher Switzerland 249000

Norbert Baumgartner Germany 235000

Roman Kral Czech Republic 224000

Mourad Falfoul France 213000

Marcin Andrzejewski Poland 184000

Ion Teodor Naicu Romania 182000

IRALEGENDA Lithuania 175000

Vojtech Paxian Slovakia 159000

Alexandre Pau Viard France 108000

Uwe Theodor Matthias Germany 70000

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