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🎙Road to 🇮🇹 IPO, Francesco Paone "I Really love IPO, I will follow it even in Liechtenstein"

A loyal Player

The day has come, the 🛰 Super Satellite with 10 tickets up for grabs for the 🇮🇹 IPO Main Event is currently underway at the 🇱🇮 GC Liechtenstein poker room. It was not just an Italian wait, as the name of the event suggests, but on the contrary 🇮🇹 IPO is now a 🇪🇺 European 🎊 party judging by the field of those present today and always.

The event will last a total of 14 days between 🇮🇹 IPO and 🇮🇹 IPO MASTER with 💰guaranteed prize pools of 500,000 and 200,000 Swiss francs respectively.

We met Francesco Paone, a loyal 🇮🇹 IPO player and took the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

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E.R.: Hi Francesco, we have learned that you will participate in the 🇮🇹 IPO Liechtenstein stage. You are a group of players who follow the Euro Rounders/PKLive360 circuit, but it is the first time you have joined us in 🇱🇮Liechtenstein, what are the reasons for this choice?

F.P.: I have never been to 🇱🇮 Liechtenstein and therefore I don't miss the opportunity to combine things... coming to this location for the first time and taking part in the tournament.

E.R.: It's very nice that there are still groups of friends who leave together to participate in this event, do you think Texas Hold'em can also be considered an aggregative discipline?

F.P.: Of course yes... even if between work commitments and family it is not easy to participate in many events, however during the year I always organize two or three trips... and I believe it is fully a discipline that allows you to interact and meet people new ones and spend several days with friends.

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E.R.: How did you find out about the IPO Liechtenstein event?

F.P.: Easy, thanks to my friend Daniele Nocentini. I believe that the real strength of PKLive360 and EuroRounder is communication and information.

E.R.: What are the aspects you like most about Italian open poker?

F.P.: I love 🇮🇹 IPO and that's why I'm following it to Liechtenstein. It is historically the best tournament from a playability and structure point of view that there is in the mid-buy-in range.

E.R.: Last question for you Francesco, what are your expectations for this trip?

F.P.: I hope to have fun first of all, feel good with my friends and indeed with new people increase my wealth of live experience in tournaments of a certain caliber... and then who knows sooner or later return home with 💰 a nice nest!


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