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🎙Road to 🇮🇹 IPO Liechtenstein, Roberto Iannone "From Stuttgart with love: Mission IPO"

Banana Joe Club's manager Roby Sun

Finally the day has arrived! Tomorrow, November 6, the new chapter of the 🇮🇹 IPO saga begins. 🇱🇮 GC Liechtenstein will be the location: now the relationship between 📶 PKLIVE360 and ♣️ Euro Rounders with the principality's casino is a stable collaboration based on professionalism and friendship renewed event after event.

A fantastic poker room, an international staff recognized for their skills and 💰 a prize pool of half a million francs are the ingredients of this unmissable event.

To talk about it, today Roberto Iannone is with us.

Roby Sun, this is his nickname on social networks, is an Italian emigrate: since a lot of years he lives in Stuttgart where he manages a small poker club named Banana Joe.

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E.R.: Hi Roby, we have learned that you will participate in the 🇮🇹IPO Liechtenstein stage. What are the reasons that led you to choose to participate in this tournament in the Swiss enclave?

R.I.: I have a decades-long friendship with Yalcin, the manager of GC Liechtenstein, and have already collaborated with him for some time through the organization of satellites in my club for the events scheduled in the GC POker Room. For the best events I cannot fail to accompany the qualified players and take the opportunity to participate in the tournament too, I love playing even though I have to dedicate myself more to work on the other side of the table.

E.R.: What do you think are the strengths of this format which, over the years, has broken record after record?

R.I.: Over the years I have visited several casinos, met various organizations and dealt with many professionals in the sector. The best marriage I was able to witness in the German speaking area, which is what I practice, I found in the organization of IPO.

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E.R.: What do you think are the differences between live poker today compared to when you started playing?

R.I.: The level of the game continues to grow, playing at a professional level today requires dedication, commitment and study beyond what is needed in many work environments, with the flaw that success is not guaranteed by a salary. Online gaming is now a lion's den where there is no room for amateurs. Fortunately, amateur participation remains possible in the live game, with pure entertainment purposes. You go on a trip, enjoy a few days of vacation and play Poker without illusions and if the result comes, so much better.

E.R.: Last question for you Roby, what are your expectations for this 🇮🇹 IPO?

R.I.: I would really like to get to the top 20. It's not a question of money, even if money is rewarding and is probably the ultimate goal of poker. I would like to breathe the atmosphere of the final phase and experience the emotions reserved for the winners. I hope it's time for me to have this experience too.


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