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🎙Road to 🇮🇹 IPO Liechtenstein: Sergio Ruiz "Waiting to take a picture with 🏆 the trophy"

Stranger in a stranger land

👀 In view of the next 🇮🇹 Italian Poker Open which will be held at the 🇱🇮 GC Liechtenstein starting from November 7th, we begin with 🇪🇦 the Spaniard Sergio Ruiz a series of 🎙interviews with well-known 🇪🇺 European players to understand the vision that the various countries have of one of the most famous Italian tournaments.

E.R.: Hi Sergio, we have learned that you will participate in the 🇮🇹IPO Liechtenstein stage. What are the reasons that led you to choose to participate in this tournament in the Swiss enclave?

S.R.: Greetings Daniele, there are myriad reasons for my presence, but the paramount one is my location in 🇨🇭Zurich, which is merely an hour away from this enchanting place. The proximity allows for a swift journey, making the decision to come here an easy one.

E.R.: It is certainly not the first 🇮🇹 Italian Poker Open that has seen you lined up, what do you think are the strengths of this format which, over the years, has broken record after record?

S.R.: Actually, my initial visit here was alongside my friend and coach of 2021, Antonio Aversa. He too was captivated by the tournament's structure, paired with an accessible buy-in of 550 francs. In our perspective, there isn't a platform in Europe as exquisite as the 🇮🇹 IPO for this buy-in, and it's thrilling to see the continuous arrival of records.

E.R.: What do you think are the differences between live poker today compared to when you started playing?

S.R.: It's discernible that the new wave of players exhibits a more aggressive stance, far less reserved than the predecessors. I'll illustrate this with two players I'm acquainted with - Umberto Sorrentino and Mateo Sarais. Being 43, I find myself sandwiched between these two generational approaches, yet I believe I harness the essence of both trends to my advantage.

E.R.: We have seen you several times during our events at 🇱🇮 GC Liechtenstein, what do you like most about this location?

S.R.: Although the venue might not be the top pick for some, the collaborative efforts between you and our partner Yalzin have evidently transcended this concern. The passion and dedication infused in every endeavor are palpable, culminating in a result that exudes professionalism through and through.

E.R.: Last question for you Sergio, what are your expectations for this 🇮🇹 IPO?

S.R.: Your inquiry is intriguing, and I presumed you'd have unraveled the answer by now. My aspiration is to immortalize the moment of victory with a photograph, where Daniele Nocentini hands me the trophy, a prized addition to my burgeoning collection.


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