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🎙Road to Remida: Team Dazdevnjaci, Mario Galić "This time I have my team with me"

Three days left for the next 🫅🏻 Remida Poker Team and many teams are formalizing their participation in.

Both the spring and summer editions brought us a field of over 60 lineups and we expect no less now in autumn. The dates of the tournament, are now approaching and with them the deadline for registering is ending.

Fortunately, the procedure is simple: all you need to do is ✒️ fill out the form available on the ♣️ Euro Rounders portal.

Registering your team, making sure that all five players participate in the Main Event and accumulating points based on their personal results, simple, right?




🥉 5.000

The great news is the tripling of the positions awarded and the doubling of the value of the prizes: when the "lateral" race almost becomes the real attraction of the event, it is correct that the organization broadens its importance, also in monetary 💶 terms.

Why do we call it lateral? But obviously because participation in the 🫅🏻 Remida is absolutely not tied to belonging to a team, on the contrary, the tournament allows maximum and total enjoyment for individual players with an estimated prize pool of €200,000

The ingredients for a wonderful 🫅🏻 Remida are all there as always and therefore the appointment is confirmed: from 5th to 9th October in 🇸🇮 Slovenia at the legendary Perla Resort in Nova Gorica.

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🇭🇷 Mario Galic 38 y.o.

🇭🇷 Andro Scarpa 38 y.o.

🇭🇷 Danijel Tatarovic 37 y.o.

🇭🇷 Gaspar Perasovic 29 y.o.

🇭🇷 Ante Mazarekic 36 y.o.

Today Mario Galic talks with us about his team:

"We dont have any particulary history , odof us know each other alreafy 5 or 6 years and we added 2 more croatian friends to creata this skilled selection. In previous events I played with other team, unfortunately none of us get in the money so we didnt have chance to win like team.

About 🫅🏻 Remida, we think this is a genial idea and ♣️ Euro Rounders should keep this format even stronger in future because its much more fun and competitive than usual tournament. We didn'ttalk about prizes, so far but we are gonna definitely "Split" equally in a case of winning".


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