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🇨🇭Besnik Lalinovci takes down Day1 C

Entries 89/ Left 12

Third day of play at the GCPoker Room in Bendern, Liechtenstein, for Day1 C of the Warriors Main Event in "Chipleader Bonuses" mode, which awards prizes to the best three stacks from Day1 C and Day1 D (which will be played this evening from 17:30 onwards).

A further 10,000 Swiss Francs will be up for grabs, to be distributed in this way: 5,000 to the chip leader, 3,000 to the second-best stack, and 2,000 to the third.

The numbers for this Day1 C are very similar to those of the previous day: 89 entries and 12 qualified for Day2. In total, we have 316 entries and 44 qualifiers.

Looking down on everyone is Besnik Lalinovci (photo above) with 520,000 bagged chips, the first serious candidate for one of the three 'Chipleader Bonuses' mentioned at the opening:

"The truth is that until a few hands ago I had over 800,000 chips! - says Besnik at the end of the tournament - I am however satisfied, everything went well and I have a very good stack for Day2. It's a pity for those two missed shots at the end of the day, but that's ok."

To catch up on all the day's action, just take a look at our LIVE BLOG at THIS LINK.

The Top 5

Second after Lalinovci is Bosnian 'Leon17' at 397,000, followed by German Franz Thoma at 340,000. Completing the Top 5 are an Italian and a Swiss, namely "Turi" (339,000) and Tobias Heinsdorf (337,000).

Several other local regulars advanced to Day2, including "Givi", "CIMI" and "Nokia3210". The full list of the 12 qualifiers for Sunday's Day2 follows.

Unofficial Chipcount


  2. LEON17 BIH 397.000

  3. FRANZ THOMA DE 340.000

  4. Turi IT 339.000


  6. CIMI IT 321.000

  7. GIVI IT 293.000

  8. BORIS PRANJES HR 262.000

  9. Colic CH 234.000

  10. HUT10Z DE 214.000

  11. GIUSEPPE CIANCI IT 204.000

  12. Nokia3210 CH 123.000


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