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🇨🇭Roland Stemer leads Day2 C, in 118 to the Final

Updated: May 20

Entries 1199/Left 118

The third of the Day2s planned here at the GCPoker Room in Bendern, Liechtenstein, for the Sharkbay Main Event also came to a close. 1,199 entries took 118 players to the final act scheduled for this afternoon from 15:00.

This tournament exceeded all expectations thanks to the massive turnout of players throughout the week, generating a prize pool of CHF 384,500 out of the CHF 300,000 guaranteed. On Day 2 C, there were 53 players, led by the Swiss Roland Stemer (photo below), who, thanks to 1,368,000 chips accumulated, can start from second position in the provisional count.

‘It was a very good tournament; I had several favourable crosses and made good plays. The biggest pot? A call with Set of Three on board Q-3-4-6-7 where my opponent bluffed on three streets in an attempt to represent Straight.

I'm a regular player and come here often to play the big tournaments, both here and at other local casinos. I have a good stack for tomorrow; let's hope to do even better!’

The Top 5

Finally, having data from all three Day2s played so far, our Top 5 today will cover the overall count, not just the Day2 C participants.

Hasan Subasi remains in the lead thanks to the 2,209,000 monster stack that literally sent him flying into Day 2 C. As mentioned above, he is followed by Roland Stemer with 1,368,000, while Dalibor Milenkovic (1,207,000) comes in third.

Completing the Top 5 is Nabil El Hage, star of both Day1 D and Day 2 B, and Switzerland's Erdinc Dincer, with 1,156,000. Below is the complete ranking with all 118 qualifiers for the Final Day.

Unofficial Chipcount

To review the whole action, Day by Day, we invite you to check out our LIVE BLOG (only in English 🇬🇧), available at THIS LINK.


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