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🦈 Sharkbay Main Event ✍️ LIVE BLOG

Updated: 3 days ago

Sharkbay returns to Liechtenstein at the GCPoker Room in Bendern with a CHF 300,000 guaranteed Main Event! An unmissable event after the success of last month's Wolf Millionaire, ready to provide non-stop excitement for ten days, from the 10th to the 20th of May, when the trophy will be awarded.

Tue 21 May - 19:00 - Nabil El Hage is Sharkbay ME winner, "Mexxess" runner-up!

Blinds 300K/600K, ante 600K

The two remaining players played only a few hands heads-up before the decisive showdown: Nabil El Hage with A♥️ K♥️ against "Mexxess" with A♦️ Q♠️ on a board of 9♣️ 6♣️ 8♥️ 2♠️ J♦️. Nabil El Hage won CHF 5,100, which is reserved for the winner and the trophy. Here's the FINAL REPORT.

### Final Payouts

1. Nabil El Hage - CHF 46,690 (including the winner's prize)

2. "Mexxess" - CHF 41,500

3. Symeon Alexandridis - CHF 40,750ù

Tue 21 May - 18:30 - Alexandridis out in 3rd place

Blinds 300K/600K, ante 600K

Here is the hand that eliminated Symeon Alexandridis:

Nabil El Hage opened from the BTN with A♥️ 2♣️, “Mexxess” folded, and Alexandridis went all-in with J♣️ 10♣️, finding a call from El Hage. The board came 7♦️ 7♥️ 2♠️ 9♣️ 9♦️, and Alexandridis had to settle for third place. El Hage has the largest stack and will compete for the title and CHF 5,100 against “Mexxess”.

ICM Ranking

1. Nabil El Hage - CHF 41,590

2. “Mexxess” - CHF 41,500

3. Symeon Alexandridis - CHF 40,750 (eliminated)

Tue 21 May - 18:00 - 3-way ICM deal!

Blinds 300K/600K, ante 600K

The remaining players agreed on an ICM (Independent Chip Model) deal. The chip stacks in play were Symeon Alexandridis with 19,075,000, "Mexxess" with 19,800,000, and Nabil El Hage with 20,650,000. After setting aside CHF 5,100 for the winner, the new payout is as follows:

ICM Ranking

1. Nabil El Hage - CHF 41,590

2. "Mexxess" - CHF 41,500

3. Symeon Alexandridis - CHF 40,750

Tue 21 May - 18:00 - Goran Todorovic is the 4th-place finisher

Blinds 300K/600K, ante 600K

Goran Todorovic opened from the BTN with Pocket Queens, “Mexxess” from the BB went all-in with Pocket Aces and Todorovic snap-called for an effective stack of 9.750.000. 

BOARD: 9♦️ 5♠️ K♦️ 6♣️ 4♥️

Left with 1.5BB Todorovic goes all-in without looking at his cards and made a 4-up with 10-8 on  2♦️ 9♦️ 4♣️ 7♦️ 6♥️.

Two hands later, Alexandridis called from BB with K♠️ Q♥️ Todorovic’s shove with A♦️ 8♥️: the board ran 4♦️ 9♥️ A♥️ J♥️ K♥️ and Todorovic is out in 4th place for CHF 20,600.

All 3 survivors are now having a break and figuring out numbers for a possibile ICM deal.

Tue 21 May - 17:45 - Alin Cosmin Farcas ended up 5th

Blinds 300K/600K, ante 600K

The tournament goes fast, and it's time for a new elimination: Goran Todorovic open-shoved for over 6M, Farcas has only 3M left and goes all-in as well from the SB, while Alexandridis tank-folded from BB. At the showdown, Todorovic showed Pocket Jacks against Farcas' A-To.

The board Q♦️ 9♥️ 5♣️ J♥️ 4♠️ give just. There was little hope on the Turn for the underdog, who busted 5th place for CHF 16,300. We're now playing 4-handed with Nabil El Hage ahead, followed by Alexandridis with more or less the same stack.

Tue 21 May - 17:40 - Stonewall Jackson busted in 6th

Blinds 300K/600K, ante 600K

Nabil El Hage keeps hammering and, after a good pot won against Farcas, who folded at the river, in the following hand called from the BTN with K♦️T♣️ Stonewall Jackson's shove with K♣️ 5♣️ for about five bigs.

The board 7♦️ A ♠️ Q♦️ 9♥️ 10♦️ sent Jackson out for CHF 12,300 while El Hage is now ahead of the count!

Tue 21 May - 17:30 Fedai Yolcu out in 7th place

Blinds 300K/600K, ante 600K

Before discussing the elimination, we must mention Nabil El Hage's performance at the final table, which involved blinds of 250K/500K, an ante of 500K, and an average stack of 8.5 M.

The shortest stack went all-in in the very first hand with 8♦️ 5♦️ from the BTN, finding Alin Cosmin Farcas's call from the BB with K♣️ 7♣️. The board ran J-J-9-9-A, and it's a split pot.

A few hands later, Alexandridis opened from UTG, El Hage went all-in for 2.125.000, Alin Cosmin Farcas called from BB e, and Symeon did so. On 5♥️ A♥️ Q♦️ after Farcas' check, Symeon bet 2M and Farcas folded.

At the showdown, Symeon shoved K♠️ 4♠️ on a pure ICM bluff, while El Hage flipped A♠️ K. Turn 7♠️, River K♣️, and it's a triple-up for the shorter stack.

Not long after, Fedai Yolcu went all-in with Pocket Fours, finding El Hage re-shove with Queens. The board ran 2♥️ 7♠️ 5♦️ A♥️ 6♠️, and El Hage is back in business with over 13 million chips!

Fedai Yolcu is the 7th place finisher and cashed CHF 8,600.

Tue 21 May - 17:00 - Final Table begins!

Tue 21 May - 03:30 - No deal, action stopped at 7 left, Alexandridis ahead"

After a failed attempt to make a deal, the action continued until 3:30, and all players agreed to return this afternoon at 5 p.m. with blinds 200K/400K, ante 400K. Here are the updated chip counts of the Sharkbay Main Event:

Player | Country | Chip Count |

  1. Symeon Alexandridis | GR | 19,750,000 |

  2. Alin Cosmin Farcas | RO | 9,100,000 |

  3. Mexxess | CH | 8,300,000 |

  4. Stonewall Jackson | DE | 7,000,000 |

  5. Fedai Yolcu | AT | 6,925,000 |

  6. Goran Todorovic | CH | 6,700,000 |

  7. Nabil El Hage | CH | 1,875,000 |

This table lists each player, their respective country abbreviations, and their current chip counts, with Symeon Alexandridis as the chip leader player with the highest stack.

Tue 21 May - 02:30 "EnricoAlolio" gets the Mamy Shark Side Event

Here are Mamy Shark Side Event's results:

Tue 21 May - 02:00 - "Noizz" is the 8th place finisher

The Sharkbay Main Event's final table witnessed its first elimination shortly after play began, with blinds at 150K/300K. The hand unfolded pre-flop, featuring a crucial showdown between "Noizz," the shortest stack, and Yolcu Fedai.

Fedai, playing from the Hi-Jack, opened with K♣️ Q♣️. "Noizz," from the BTN, went all-in with 10♠️ 10♥️, holding a stack of about 3.5 million. After the blinds folded, Fedai decided to call with his stack of 5 million. The board came down 3♥️ A♥️ Q♠️ 9♥️ 3♠️, delivering a queen on the flop to Fedai, which was enough to secure the hand and eliminate "Noizz."

"Noizz" exits the tournament in 8th place, earning 6,000 CHF. The remaining seven players continue, with "Mexxess" still leading the pack as the action progresses. This elimination pushes Yolcu Fedai among the top chip holders, intensifying the competition at the final table.

Tue 21 May - 01:30 - Sharkbay Final Table is set!

Following the dramatic conclusion of the previous round, the eight finalists are now taking their seats at the final table of the Sharkbay Main Event. With more than just the prestigious trophy, players are vying for the top prize of 63,000 Swiss Francs. Below is the chip count.

Chip count

1. Mexxess - 18,650,000

2. Alexandridis Symeon - 8,375,000

3. Stonewall Jackson - 7,550,000

4. El Hage Nabil - 6,850,000

5. Todorovic Goran - 6,200,000

6. Yolcu Fedai - 5,175,000

7. Farcas Alin Cosmin - 3,425,000

8. Noizz - 3,300,000


Here is the prize distribution for the finalists at the Sharkbay Main Event:

1. 1st Place: 63,000 CHF

2. 2nd Place: 38,000 CHF

3. 3rd Place: 27,300 CHF

4. 4th Place: 20,600 CHF

5. 5th Place: 16,300 CHF

6. 6th Place: 12,300 CHF

7. 7th Place: 8,600 CHF

8. 8th Place: 6,000 CHF

Tue 21 May - 01:15 - A dramatic 4-way showdown sent eight players to the Final Table!

The final table was set spectacularly with a single hand in a stunning turn of events at the Sharkbay Main Event. Dalibor Milenkovic, already weakened by a previous showdown, went all-in with A♥️ J♦️ from under the gun. Florin Adrian Bilan, covering Milenkovic in the stack, decided to go all-in as well with 9♦️ 9♥️. Not to be left out, "Emmella" also pushed all-in, holding Q♦️ Q♠️.

The tension peaked when "Mexxess," holding the largest stack at the table, revealed K♣️ K♠️ and joined the all-in action. The board ran out 6♦️ 10♥️ K♥️ 3♥️ 10♣️, delivering a dramatic King on the flop and securing a triple knockout for "Mexxess."

The casualties of this high-stakes hand were Dalibor Milenkovic, who finished 11th for 3,940 CHF, Florin Adrian Bilan, who finished 10th for the same amount, and Emmella, who finished 9th for 4,760 CHF.

Final Table Chip count sorted by position:

Seat 1. Mexxess - 18.650M

Seat 2. Alexandridis Symeon - 8.375M

Seat 3. Stonewall Jackson - 7.550M

Seat 4. Todorovic Goran - 6.200M

Seat 5. El Hage Nabil - 6.850M

Seat 6. Yolcu Fedai - 5.175M

Seat 7. Farcas Alin Cosmin - 3.425M

Seat 8. Noizz - 3.300M

All survivors are now preparing mentally and strategically to face off at the final table, where every chip and decision will count significantly more. Stay tuned for what promises to be an exhilarating conclusion to the Sharkbay Main Event.

Tue 21 May - 00:15 - Alexandridis in the lead, 11 left

As the 12th level of the Sharkbay Main Event approaches its conclusion, the stakes continue to rise. The blinds are set to increase to 125K/250K with a 250K ante, and the average chip stack has grown to 5.5 million.

The tournament has bid farewell to several competitors in the latest round of eliminations. Dalibor Milenkovic finished in 16th position, followed by “Bouncer” in 15th, “Loli” in 14th, “Borat90” in 13th, and Roland Stemer in 12th. With just two more eliminations left, the stage is nearly set for the final table of nine.

Current Top 3 Chip Leaders:

1. Symeon Alexandridis - 8.5M

2. Alin Cosmin Farcaș - 7.5M

3. Mexxess - 7M

Mon 20 May - 23:20 - Hasan Subasi out, 16 left at the break

Sharkbay Main Event is now down to 16 players, with intense action unfolding in the main wing of the GC Poker Room. Leading the pack is Symeon Alexandridis, who has surged to the top with approximately 8 million chips after a pre-flop showdown where he played A-K against K-J suited.

The atmosphere is charged with excitement and tension as players converge around two tables of eight. The average stack size hovers around 3.8 million, with blinds at 100K/200K and a 200K ante.

Florin Adrian Bilan remains strong among the leaders, holding 6 million chips. However, the tournament saw the unexpected exit of Hasan Subasi,chip leader at the start of the Final Day, who was eliminated in 17th position.

The poker room is scheduled to close at 3:30 AM, and if the tournament has not concluded by then, or if the remaining players have not agreed on a monetary deal, the action will resume tomorrow afternoon. Here's The Top 3 at the moment

1. Symeon Alexandridis - 8M

2. Florin Adrian Bilan - 6M

3. Dalibor Milenkovic - 5.8M

Mon 20 May - 21:00 - 27 left at the 9th level

As we enter the ninth level of play at the Sharkbay Main Event, the blinds have reached 50K/100K with a 100K ante, and the average chip stack is 2.2 million. With 27 players remaining, spread across four tables, the competition is heating up. At the end of this level, players will take a 15-minute break.

The tournament is approaching its most intense phase. Emmella has just doubled up on Barella, playing a pre-flop hand with Q-Q against J-J. Symeon Alexandridis keeps hammering chips, maintaining a strong lead at his table. Meanwhile, at a neighbouring table, Florin Adrian Bilan excels and currently holds the position of chip leader of the tournament.

Here's the Top 5 and the moment

1. Florin Adrian Bilan - 5.4M

2. Symeon Alexandridis - 5M

3. Emmella - 4.6M

4. Julio Schmutz - 3.8M

5. Barella - 3M

Mon 20 May - 19:15 - Dinner break!

The atmosphere at the Sharkbay poker tournament is tense as the 40 remaining players take a much-needed break. With 30 minutes to grab a quick meal and breath, they know the action will only intensify when they return.

Ahead of the count is Nabil El Hage (pic above, left side) after he scooped a huge pot on a K♦️ J♣️ 8♣️ 2♠️ K♥️, inducing his opponent to fold. Unfortunately, we couldn't see both player's cards.

Back in the game, the blinds will soar to 30,000/60,000 with a 60,000 ante: Sharkbay Main Event is set to deliver thrills and high-stakes action as the players battle it out for the ultimate prize! Stay tuned!

Mon 20 May - 18:00 - 60 left at the beginning of the 5th level

The action is getting hectic here at GCPoker Room, and we're already down to 60 players at SharkBay Main Event! Here are a few more pics from today!

Mon 20 May - 17:15 - Alexandridis ahead at the first break

At the first break of the final day of the SharkBay poker tournament, Symeon Alexandridis emerged as an early chip leader with an impressive stack of 2.9 million chips, closely followed by Barella at 2.1 million and Emmella at 2 million. Roland Stemer and Adrian Florin Bilan were also in strong positions with stacks of 1.85 million and 1.9 million, respectively.

The atmosphere was charged with excitement and anticipation, setting the stage for an intense and unpredictable conclusion to the SharkBay Main Event. Here's the Top 10. The action will resume with blinds 10K/20K, ante 20K, and an average stack of 850 K.

1. Symeon Alexandridis 2.9M

2. Barella 2.1M

3. Emmella 2M

4. Roland Stemer 1.85M

5. Adrian Florin Bilan 1.9M

6. Hasan Subasi 1.7M

7. Erdinc Dincer 1.65M

8. Mexxess 1.4M

9. Sergio Ruiz Capel 1.4M

10. M.S 1.35M

Mon 20 May - 16:30 - 82 left at the end of the second level

The first two levels of play are gone, and from the initial 118 players, we're already down to 82! Blinds are now 8K/16K, ante 16K, with an average stack of 730K.

Both Symeon Alexandridis and Roland Stemer (Day2C chip leader) are doing great, having crossed the 2 million mark. This is a precious double-up for Roberto Gerosa, who's now having a stack on average. Here are some pics from today's Final Day! Below is the final payout.


Mon 20 May - 15:00 - 118 at the Final Day, it's time to start!

Sharkbay Main Event Final Day just began at GCPoker Room with 118 qualified coming from Day 2 A, B and C! Blinds will begin at 6K/12K, ante 12K, with Hasan Subasi leading the pack with over 2 million chips! Are you ready for the action? Keep following us!

Unofficial Chipcount - Final Day

Mon 20 May - 00:50 - Roland Stemer leads Day2 C

Swiss Roland Stemer is the Day2 C chip leader with 1,368,000 chips, the second-best overall performance. Our daily report is available at THIS LINK.

Mon 20 May - 00:00 - "Ak1806" is the bubble-man

"AK1806" is the bubble man after an unlucky 3-way showdown that sees him facing K-Q and A-A, as shown in the picture above. All 64 survivors are now in the money, and the action will last until are 53 players left.

The blinds are now 6K/12K, ante 12K, at least for 17 minutes: after this level, if there is no elimination, they will raise to 8K/16K, ante 16K.

Sun 19 May - 23:00 - 68 left, approaching the bubble

The field went down to 68 players at Sharbay Main Event Day 2 C, with 64 places in the money for a minimum cash of CHF 750. The action stops as soon as we reach 53 players.

All survivors are now playing at 5K/10K blinds, ante 10K, with a 392K average stack. We remind you that tomorrow, on the Final Day, blinds will be 6K/12K, so if the action lasts a few more hours, the blind level will return. Here are a few more shots from today!

Sun 19 May - 19:45 - 115 left at the 4th level

We can finally announce the official numbers for the Sharkaby Main Event: 1,199 entries for a CHF 384.050 prize pool, roughly 30% more than the guaranteed prize pool.

We're now facing the fourth level of play here at GCPoker Room, with 112 players on the go at blinds 2K/4K, ante 4K, and an average stack of 240 K. Here are the first Day 2 C shots!

Sun 19 May - 18:00 - 🇨🇭 Over 150 players on Day2 C!

There are still 20 minutes to register on Day 2 C with 156 players at the tables fighting to reach the Final Day1, Scheduled for tomorrow at 15:00. Blinds are now 1K/2.5, ante 2.5K with a 170K average stack. More updates will follow as soon as we have the official numbers after the first break; stay tuned!

Sun 19 May - 17:00 - 🇨🇭 Alexander Graf ahead of Day1 I

Alexander Graf ended up ahead of the count on Day1 I, bagging 497.000 chips, the best performance in the last four flights. All details will be shown on u r daily report at THIS LINK

Sun 19 May - 15:45 - 84 left at the end of the 9th level

It's the last available level to get in or re-enter at Sharkbay Main Event Day1 I Turbo, which has collected 159 entries now with 84 players on the go.

There is one more level to play, and we'll have the list of all qualifiers from the last flight who will return in a few hours for Day 2 C.

Sun 19 May - 14:00 - over 110 entries at the first break!

At the first break of the day, after the first five levels of play, there were 111 entries, with 90 players still chasing a seat for Day2 C, scheduled for 5 p.m. this afternoon.

The action will resume with 500/1K blinds, ante 1K and a 62K average stack. Here are th first shots of the day!

Sun 19 May - 12:00 - Day1 I kicked off!

It's the last flight available to access Day1 C, with a smashed guaranteed prize pool and 96 players who have secured a seat to Day2 C.

The action will start with 100/200 blinds, ante 200, 50K starting stack and 20 minutes per level, as this is a turbo flight. How's going to make it to the next step? Keep it up on our live blog to find it out!

Sun 19 May - 02:30 - Stefano Iolli ahead of Day1 H

Italy's Stefano Iolli jumps ahead of the count after a few crazy pots (one showdown preflop and a great hero call) won after he fired three bullets. You can find all the details of the hands in our daily report at THIS LINK.

Sun 19 May - 00:30 - 9th level on Day1 H, guaranteed smashed!

It's the 9th level of play at Sharkbay Day 1 H, and with the 95 entries collected, we can announce that the guaranteed prize pool has already been reached, with still one flight to go!

The 43 survivors in action, are now playing at 1K/2K blinds, ante 2K with an average stack of 110K. Here are some shots from the second flight of the day.