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🇧🇾 Aliaksei Ivanou takes down IPO Master 2023

Entries 491

Three intense days of battle at the tables to decree the winner of the IPO Master, who answers to the name of 🇧🇾 Aliaksei Ivanou. A winner on paper to be sure, as the two finalists opted for an even-steven deal having the same stack and relied on a straight flush to decide the winner.

The final showdown rewarded Aliaksei at the expense of the runner-up Davor Bojovic, although both cashed for €71,500 against a payout of €90,000 for the former and €53,000 for the latter.

I due vincitori dell'IPO Master 2023

The tournament

At the close of late registration, the entry count stood at 491, a new record for the IPO Master which undermines the one set in the previous edition.

The Frenchman Rachid ElYaccoubi started with the favors of prediction having closed as the undisputed Day2 chip leader, but fate was not kind to him and his race was halted in ninth position, before the composition of the final table of 8.

Rachid ElYaccoubi 9th position

At the final table it was Abdel Douair who came out first, collecting a prize of €9,000. Immediately afterwards it was Erich Weingartner's turn (€12,000 for him) in seventh place.

The tournament continued in 6-handed mode for about two hours, until it was Davide Suriano's turn, with whom we had the pleasure of exchanging a few impressions after his elimination in sixth place for €16,000:

"A truly wonderful tournament, an extraordinary structure and in fact the playability at the final table, with avg 40x, was remarkable both at that juncture and at all stages of the tournament.

Davide Suriano in action at IPO Master 2023

I really want to emphasize the goodness of the structure, worthy of the best tournaments on the European stage. As for the field, there were some very well-prepared players, but in general it was quite varied.

With some very aggressive players but not exactly prepared from the ICM point of view, I tried to put my knowledge into play. Unfortunately I was unlucky in the spot where I busted: the last guy in the stack opened from MP and I (as second to last) reshoved 27x from SB on his open with A-Qo but I found the BB with Pair of Jacks and he went and jumped to the head of the count."

In fifth place, for €22,000, we find another Frenchman, Adel Naoun, followed by Antonio Rutigliano from Rome, a real one-man show at the final table with his verve (€29,000 prize for him).

The finalists of the IPO Master 2023

Dulcis in fundo, on the lowest step of the podium comes an acquired Italian despite his Chinese origins, Xia Lin takes home €37,000 after an excellent tournament.

Nothing to do instead for Andrea Shehadeh, eliminated in twelfth position despite a great comeback that for some stretches saw him in the highest positions of the chip count.

Below is the order of arrival with respective prizes:

  1. Aliaksei Ivanou 71.500€ (dopo deal)

  2. Davor Bojovic 71.500€ (dopo deal)

  3. Xia Lin 37.000€

  4. Antonio Rutigliano 29.000€

  5. Adel Naoun 22.000€

  6. Davide Suriano 16.000€

  7. Erich Weingartner 12.000€

  8. Abdel Douair 9.000€

  9. Rachid ElYaccoubi 6.886€


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