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🇮🇹Stefano Iolli is the best at Day1B

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Entries 53/Left 22

Another busy day of poker has just ended in the parts of the Grand Casino Of Liechtenstein at the GC Poker Room, where both the Day1B of the IPO Master and the Final Day of the IPO Regessive, which awarded the Top 9 with a 1.1K ticket for the Master, took place simultaneously.

Let's start right from the flagship event, which this evening gathered another 53 entries bringing 22 players to Sunday's Day 2 which adds up to yesterday's 16 for a total of 38 qualifiers against 87 entries (the 34 from Day 1A plus today's 53).

The Top 5

The best of the troop is an Italian, Stefano Iollo (photo below), who closes the accounts at 461,000 or 51,000 more chips than Day1A chip leader "Action Flo."

"What can I say, there was one hand in particular that launched me into the count. - tells Stephen hotly - We are at 2K/4K blinds and I decide to open with 9-9 to 8K, SB 3-bet to 24K and I flop. On 6-4-3 I bet 22K, and he goes all-in for about 140K: after three minutes of thinking I decide to call and my opponent turns over A-K...

How did I get this far? I won the ticket from Day 1B of the Warriors and now we are at Day 2. Hopefully, we'll do even better tomorrow!"

Second place in today's count belongs to Albanian Dorjan Ushe able to bag 425,000 chips, followed by Alexander Vuckovic at 392,000. Closing out the Top 5 are Tobias Heinsdorf (373,000) and Andreas Fröhli (352,000), runner-up at last spring's San Remo IPO. The full count is below.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Stefano Iolli ITA 461.000

  2. Dorjan Ushe AL 425.000

  3. Alexander Vuckovic 392.000

  4. Tobias Heinsdorf 373.000

  5. Andreas Fröhli AT 352.000

  6. Ferrari ITA 336.000

  7. Christian Anton Beck 325.000

  8. Orginalus 318.000

  9. Loli CH 311.000

  10. Marc Sen CH 300.000

  11. Luigi Sarafin ITA 241.000

  12. Carmelo Romeo ITA 208.000

  13. Schmid Chris 175.000

  14. Philippe Wettstein 173.000

  15. Angelo Arossi ITA 153.000

  16. Braveheart CH 132.000

  17. Charles G. Calfelis CH 126.000

  18. Mattia Melideo ITA 125.000

  19. Ernst Stoller CH 116.000

  20. Daniel Lukacs HUN 102.000

  21. Floori 85.000

  22. Giuseppe Ditaranto ITA 76.000

IPO Regressive Final Day - Piceci triumphs after 5-way deal

Entries 143

It ended with a deal for ICM and the victory of Claudio Piceci (photo above) the IPO Regressive side event, divided into two Days, which totaled 142 entries generating a prize pool of more than 29 thousand CHF, with the top 9 finishers winning a ticket to the 1,100CHF IPO Master.

Here is the full list of the nine finalists (and ticket winners) complete with deal figures.

  1. CLAUDIO PICECI CH CHF 5.010 + Ticket 3.655CHF (after deal)

  2. DRITAN KALECI CH CHF 3.375 +Ticket 2.875CHF

  3. ANTONIO CAMODECA IT CHF 2.200 +Ticket 2.740CHF (after deal)

  4. RAINER BERTSCH CH CHF 1.825 +Ticket 2.375CHF (after deal)

  5. MARCO MEISSER CH CHF 1.470 +Ticket 2.235CHF (after deal)


  7. CHEBA CH CHF 885 +Ticket

  8. E77 CH CHF 665 +Ticket

  9. HENRI D. CH CHF 500 +Ticket


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