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🇮🇹Alessio Albore takes down IPO Sanremo 2024!

Entries 3828

The Main Event of the Sanremo 2024 IPO, the edition with the highest number of entrants since its inception, closed with Alessio Albore's victory.

It was a tournament that ended in a rather curious way, given that at three left, the second and third preferred to leave the trophy and first prize to the chip leader, splitting the remaining part of the prize pool. The reason? The abysmal difference in chips (130BB against 10BB each of the pursuers).

To relive every moment of the final table, click below, while scrolling through the post you can retrace the highlights, elimination by elimination.

The finalists

Seat 1 Giulio Colazzo 12,025,000

Seat 2 Alessio Albore 37,725,000

Seat 3 Giancarlo Del Barone 12,450,000

Seat 4 Valerio Marino 26,775,000

Seat 5 Gouzil Hervé 20,000,000

Seat 6 Franesco De Rose 8,950,000

Seat 7 Mario Llapi 13,750,000

Seat 8 Alessanro Orsi 22,125,000

Play is at 200K/400K blinds, 400K ante, 75-minute levels and a €250,000 first prize reserved for the first classified.


1^250 000€

2^170 000€

3^115 000€

4^81 000€

5^57 500€

6^ 42 500€

7^ 32 300€

8^ 25 200€

9^ 19 370€

Alessandro Orsi is the eighth classified

Blinds 250K/500K, ante 500K

Alessio Albore opened from UTG with A ♠️ K♠️(stack 48M), and Ale Orsi from SB found himself with 7♠️ 7♦️ and decided to go all-in on the chip leader but found the snap call.

BOARD: 5♥️ 5♠️ J♠️ A♣️ Q♦️

Alessandro Orsi, the undisputed protagonist for all three previous Days, is the first to go out and has to settle for a €19,370 prize, while Albore consolidates his chip lead at the table.

Mario Llapi ended up in 7th place

Blinds 250K/500K, ante 500K

The short-stack war is resolved with a coin-flip in favour of Gouzil Hervé, who goes all-in with 4♥️ 4♣️ from BTN finding Llapi's snap call with A♠️ 10♣️ (both have about 10bb, with Hervé having a little more).

BOARD: J♠️ 4♦️ 2♣️ 9♦️ Q♣️

The 4 on the flop is almost a sentence for Llapi, who is already drawing dead on the turn. The good Marione is eliminated in 7th position for €25,200, while his opponent comes back to breathe with over 20x on the 6-handed.

Valerio Marino out in 6th position

Blinds 300K/600K, ante 600K

Dynamic CO vs SB with Valerio Marino pushing his 13x with A♦️ Q♥️ finding Francesco De Rose's re-shove with J-J.

BOARD: 9♥️ 9♦️ J♣️ 10♥️ 8 ♣️

Valerio Marino is the 6th place finisher and cashes for €42,500. Here is the stack situation at the moment:

Alessio 93M (154BB)

Giancarlo 20M (33BB)

Francis 19M (33B)

Hervé 15M (24BB)

Giulio 6.7M (11BB)

Giulio Colazzo comes out in 5th place

Blinds 300K/600K, ante 600K

Giulio Colazzo from BTN goes directly all-in for 13M with K♦️ Q♠️ but from SB Alessio Albore pins A♠️ Q♥️ and re-shares.

BOARD: J♦️ 6♣️ 2♦️ 8♣️ 2♠️

Giulio Colazzo cashes the €57,500 reserved for 5th place while Alessio Albore takes an even bigger lead over his opponents.

Giancarlo Del Barone exits in 4th place

Blinds 400K/800K, ante 800K

A resounding denouement sees Giancarlo Del Barone go all-in from UTG in 4-handed with K♣️ 7♣️ (6.7M stack), BTN passes, and Francesco De Rose with Q♠️ Q♦️ simply flats despite having only 11M on his side. In contrast, Alessio Albore from BB with A♥️ K♠️ goes all-in (he is the tournament chip leader with over 118BB), and Francesco De Rose resoundingly passes.

BOARD: 9♠️ 4 ♥️ 2 ♠️ 10♠️ 2♣️

Alessio Albore has almost all the chips at the table (over 130BB), while his opponents are left with 10 BB each.

Alessio Albore wins the IPO Sanremo 2024 Main Event!

In the end, the second and third-place finishers agreed to split the remaining prize money, leaving the trophy and first coin to Alessio Albore, who became the IPO Main Event champion. Alessio pocketed 250,000 euros, while the two runner-ups took 142,500 each.

Gouzil Hervé

Francesco De Rose

IPO Master - Matteo Zanardi wins the Master of records!

Entries 517

The record-breaking 1K Masters, which totalled 517 entries and brought 71 players into the prize pool, ended late at night. The nine finalists battled it out with no holds barred until they reached a deal that rewarded Zanardi with a €40,800 coin.

  1. Matteo Zanardi 73.500€ (48.000 after deal)

  2. Davide Muccini 52.800€ (42.000 after deal)

  3. Eugenio Peralta 39.500€ (37.000 after deal)

  4. Giovanni Bellini 29.400€ (36.000 after deal)

  5. Mattero Orchide 21.900€ (35.000 after deal)

  6. Samy Benjima 16.400€ (35.000€ after deal)

  7. Francesco Gambino 12.400€

  8. Giuseppe Ferraro 7.400€

  9. Gabriele Fecchio 5.850€


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