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🇨🇭Mustafa Bahaduri is Day1 A chip leader!

Entries 131/ Left 16

After 13 levels of play, the Day 1a Special Prize of The Warriors’ Main Event concludes here at the GC Poker Room in Bendern, Liechtenstein. 131 entries were recorded today, with 16 players qualifying for Day 2, out of 79 unique players (52 re-entries were made).

The best player today is the Swiss Mustafa Bahaduri (pic below), who managed to bag 954,000 chips, almost double that of the second-place finisher.

"The truth is that I am furious because, for once, I managed to finish at the top of the count, but there is no chip leader prize! It means I will have to work hard and win the tournament this time. I hope to do well in the coming days, too!"

The Top 5

In the provisional ranking, in addition to the aforementioned Mustafa Bahaduri, the Swiss Fischer is in second place with 519,000 chips, followed by the Italian Minak with 483,000.

Two other Swiss players, Stefan Müller (447,000) and Lionel Hutz (438,000), complete the top five. Below is the list of all sixteen players who qualified for Day 2 from the just-concluded Day 1A.

Unofficial Chipcount



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