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🇮🇹 Natale Polizzotto running hot on Day1 B!

Entries 134/ Left 21

After the usual 13 levels of battle, Day 1B of The Warrior's Main Event, which offered 10,000 Swiss francs for the top three finishers, has also ended. Today, we recorded 134 entries, with 21 players qualifying for Day 2 on Sunday.

Stealing the show and taking home the largest prize of 5,000 francs is the Italian Natale Polizzotto, who managed to bag 827,000 chips after a series of hands that saw him come out on top with some borderline calls, as he recounted at the end of the day:

"Actually, it didn't go as smoothly as it might seem because after climbing up to 300,000, I ran into a series of unlucky hands where my opponents completed four straights in a row, and I found myself with 70,000 chips.

From that moment on, the comeback began. First, with a pair of tens against A-9, the tens held. Then, another spot where I managed to win a nice pot, and this is the most spectacular hand. A three-way hand where I decided to flat after an open and a three-bet, followed by a flat from the original raiser. On a Q-6-4 board, after the original raiser checked, the three-bettor went all-in for about a pot-sized bet.

I had always seen him check whenever he had a very strong value hand, such as top pair, top kicker, or something similar. So the fact that he went all-in directly made me suspicious, and I decided to call while the original raiser folded, declaring A-Q. My opponent showed K-8 at the showdown, and luckily, my sevens held!

Shortly before the end, the hand that essentially consolidated my chip lead was a spot where I defended with A-3 from the big blind. On a 3-3-5 flop, the hand played itself. My opponent also hit the five and decided to bet, bet, and by the turn, the game was already over.

I must say that Liechtenstein suits me quite well. The last time I came here when there was a Chip Leader prize, I finished at the top of the list. I hope this run continues in the coming days."

The Top 5

Aside from the chip leader, today's second-place finisher is the Swiss Sven Toth (pic above), with 585,000 chips, which earned him a prize of 3,000 Swiss francs. In third place, we find the Serbian Zoran Zivanovic, with 502,000 chips, who also received a cash prize worth 2,000 Swiss francs.

Completing the top five are Croatian Boris Pranjes (321,000), who was featured in the spot mentioned by Natalia Poliziotto in the interview, where he folded as the third player with A-Q, and Christian Kempf from Switzerland (309,000).

Follow the complete list of all 21 qualifiers from today's flight who will be able to return on Sunday for Day 2.

Unofficial Chipcount


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