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🇮🇹 Zlatin Penev wins IPO Sanremo 2023

Entries 3650

In the end, the "Bulgarian" won, and to hear him talk about Bulgarian has little to do with it because he is very Italian despite his name.

Zlatin Penev lifts the Sanremo 2023 IPO trophy to the skies after an exciting final table, which saw him and Austrian Andreas Frohli battle it out for the entire evening, culminating in a short and intense heads-up.

For him a good 280,000 Euro prize and the satisfaction of having put his signature on the main event in Italy after winning the UKIPT last year.

But let's go back over everything from the beginning when there were still nine players. The pre-final table saw Armand Matti leave the ranks after being left with just three big blinds, although the real star of the unofficial was Zlatin Penev, who in the space of a few orbits had climbed to 40 million chips and was the chip leader at the official final table.

Here are the names of the eight finalists:

🇦🇹 Peter Bumba

🇮🇹 Domenico Cancro

🇮🇹 Zlatin Penev

🇦🇹 Andrea Frohli

🇮🇹 Michele Rinaldi

🇫🇷 Pascal Dabrion

🇮🇹 Vincenzo Ruggiero

🇮🇹 Gaetano Montagno

And now let's review, elimination by elimination, how things went at the final table.

Vincenzo Ruggiero closes in eighth place

Blinds 200/400K ANTE 400K

Vincenzo Ruggiero with Q♦️10♦️ from UTG opens to 800K (stack 8.9M), Andreas Frohli (stack 19M) floats from CO with A❤️ 7❤️ and Pascal Dabrion (stack 22M) completes from BB.

(POT 4.6M) FLOP: K❤️ J❤️ 3♦️

Vincenzo Ruggiero c-bets 1.6M, Andreas Frohli raises to 4.5M and Pascal Dabrion folds his Top Pair on very strong action from his two opponents.

Ruggiero then decides to put them all in with his bilateral for 8.9M total and the Austrian calls having to add only 4.4M.

(POT 21M) TURN : 4❤️

Ruggiero is already drawing dead and a 8♦️ doesn't change the situation. He is the eighth place finisher in the IPO Sanremo 2023 for €20,000.

Domenico Cancro is the seventh classified

Blinds 300/600K ANTE 600K

The action all takes place preflop between Cancer and Frohli.

Domenico Cancro (14M stack) raises to 1.2M from BTN with A♦️ K♦️, Frohli (32M stack) 3-bet from BB to 3.7M with J♠️ J❤️, Cancro 4-bet shoves his 14M and Frohli calls.

Board: 8♠️ K♠️ 8❤️ A♠️ 2♠️

Domenico Cancro closes seventh in his Sanremo 2023 IPO and cashes for €28,000.

Pascal Dabrion closes in sixth place

Cieco 300/600K ANTE 600K

Penev da UTG (stack 32M) apre a 1.2M con Q♦️ J♦️, Frohli flatta con 6♠️ 6♦️ (stack 42M) da HJ, Dabrion da SB (stack 9.7M) va all-in con A♠️ Q❤️, Penev passa e Froli chiama.

(POT 22M)

Board: 8♠️ 8❤️ 6♣️ 9 ♣️ Q♣️

Il francese deve accontentarsi dei 42.000 euro riservati al sesto posto.

Michele Rinaldi è il quinto classificato.

Blinds 400/800K ANTE 800K

From CO Michele Rinaldi stacks A♦️ 6♦️ (stack 12M) and goes straight all-in but finds Zlatin Penev with Q♦️ Q♣️ (stack 23M) who from SB reshova, passes the BB.

(POT 25M) BOARD: ) 9♠️ 2❤️ Q♠️ A♠️ 2♦️

Michele Rinaldi exits the Casino di Sanremo with a €60,000 prize thanks to fifth place in the standings.

Peter Bumba eliminated in fourth place

Blinds 400/800K ANTE 800K

Andreas Frohli opens from BTN (stack 46M) with A❤️ 10♣️, Gaetano Montagno (stack 18M) calls from SB with Q❤️ J♠️ and Peter Bumba (stack 16M) shoves from BB with Q♠️ J❤️: only Frohli calls.

(POT 36M)

BOARD: A♦️ 5♠️ 6♣️ 9♠️ 2♠️

Peter Bumba cashes for €80,000 thanks to his fourth place finish.

Gaetano Montagno on the third step of the podium

Blinds 400/800K ANTE 800K

In a blind war, Gaetano Montagno (stack 34M) from SB decides to open to 2.5M with Q♦️ 10♦️ finding the defence of Zlatin Penev on the BB (stack 70K) with 7♣️ 3♣️.

(POT 6M) FLOP: 6♣️9♣️3♦️

Zlatin bets 4M after Gaetano's chekc who calls fairly quickly.

(POT 14M) TURN: 7♦️

New check-call to Gaetano on Zlatin's sercond barrel to 11M.

(POT 36M)

Gaetano donk-shova on bluff and Zlatin has no choice but to put a chip in and announce the call.

Montagno cashes for €110,000.

Zlatin Penev wins the IPO, Frohli runner-up

BLINDS 600K/1.2M

SB Zlatin completes with 9♣️ 6❤️ (Stack 115M), check Frohli (stack 24M) from BB with Q♦️ 8♦️.

(POT 3.6M)FLOP: 8♠️ 3❤️ 7❤️

C-bet to Zlatin at 1.8M after his opponent checks and he raises to 5M, Zlatin calls.

(POT 14M) TURN: 10♦️

Checks Andreas Frohli, Zaltin bets 4.5M and Frohli, with 19M still behind goes straight all-in and Zlatin blitzes him at lightning speed.

RIVER: 4❤️

Zlatin Penev is the new IPO champion, Andreas Frohli has to be content with a second place of €170,000, while the 'Bulgarian' gets the €280,000 reserved for the winner.

Below is the recap of the final table with prizes:

  1. Zlatin Penev 280.000€

  2. Andreas Frohli 170.000€

  3. Gaetano Montagno 110.000€

  4. Peter Bumba 80.000€

  5. Michele Rinaldi 60.000€

  6. Pascal Dabrion 42.000€

  7. Domenico Cancro 28.000€

  8. Vincenzo Ruggiero 20.000€

*Please note that the chip count is not official, as it is reported from verbal statements of the players.


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