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🇨🇭 Alexander Graf leads on Day 1I

Entries 178/Left 76

The last scheduled day has also ended, the noon Turbo flight, which collected 178 entries and sent another 76 players to the next step.

With two levels of late registration still open for Day 2 C, we can't give you the official entry and participant figures yet, but follow the live blog to find out. We can, however, reveal the best of Day 1 I, Switzerland's Alexander Graf, who managed to bag 497,00 chips, his best performance over the last four flights.

"My tournament was a continuous up and down; at the beginning, I lost a few hits, and my stack shrunk a lot, but I didn't have to re-enter, and slowly, I came back up. Just before the end, I reached 120,000, and now I can count almost 500,000 chips.

Are there any key hands? I won a flip A-K vs J-J and scored a nice her-call with King High on board J-J-9-9-2 with my opponent trying to bluff with 4-4."

Unofficial Chipcount


To review the whole action, Day by Day, we invite you to check out our LIVE BLOG (only in English 🇬🇧), available at THIS LINK.


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