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🇮🇹 'Emmella' lays down the law on Day2

Entries 819/ Left 17

It was a very exciting day at the GC Poker Room in Bendern, Liechtenstein, where Day2 of the Warriors Main Event took place with 819 entries taking 17 players to the final table.

The guaranteed prize pool was far surpassed thanks to the CHF268,700 collected and the 128 qualifiers at the start of Day2 certainly didn't spare themselves. However, it was the usual "Emmella" (photo below) who came out on top with a stack of 4,610,000.

The shot that launched him in the count came right in the final stages and was sensational, both for the dynamics and the weight of the stacks in play at that precise moment of the game (you can find the full action on our live blog CLICKING HERE)

"Regardless of the last hand, which allowed me to double my stack a few hands before the end of the Day, I always had enough chips on my side," says "Emmella", who allowed me to put pressure on in the key stages of the tournament, such as the bubble zone or the redraw at 3 and 2 tables left."

The Top 5

Until 20 minutes before the end of the day it was "Allegro" (first photo above left) who dominated the scene, starring in some really interesting spots that we reported on in our LIVE BLOG.

At the time of bagging up the stacks, the German can however be satisfied as he will start from 2nd position with 4,150,000. The third best performance of the day goes to "DG" with 3,695,000, followed by "Gala09" (2,480,000) and Claudio Piceci (2,465,000). Below you can find the full count and seat redraw ahead of the Final Day.

Unofficial Chipcount & Seat Redraw

  1. EMMELLA IT 4.610.000

  2. ALLEGRO DE 4.150.000

  3. DG CH 3.695.000

  4. GALA09 CH 2.480.000

  5. CLAUDIO PICECI CH 2.465.000

  6. MANFRED MÜLLER CH 2.340.000

  7. LOLI CH 1.825.000


  9. ELDORADO DE 1.545.000

  10. RENE KISTLER CH 1.300.000

  11. SANDRO ZARRIELLO AT 1.070.000

  12.  LALELILEYLO DE 1.005.000

  13. CHRISTIAN KEMPF CH 920.000

  14. MARCO WINTELER CH 900.000

  15. VELIMIR LOZIC HR 850.000




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