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🎙️ "Mystery Bounty? I've never won a single bounty!" - Giada Fang at EPM to break the taboo!

Since online poker landed in Italy, she's always been on the front line.

Among the firsts to receive a sponsorship from the leading brand, it might sound inappropriate to confine her behind the label of poker pro because Giada Fang has never limited herself only to the game played.

During the last year, she became the Italian poker speaker paired with Alberto Russo, providing her precious technical commentary on the European Poker Tour Main Event.

Just in the last few weeks came to light the latest book on which she worked as a translator from English to Italian (in this case together with Marcello Papa, on sale on Amazon CLICKING HERE), "La GTO Sempligicata", the third of Dara O'Kearney's series, and the fifth in her career if we consider the two volumes of "The Mental Game of Poker" by Jared Tendler.

Great connoisseur, and enthusiast, of the game Giada Fang will be present at the next EPM Mystery Bounty to be held in Rozvadov from 3 to 8 April.

Who then, better than her, to talk about the new format that is stealing the scene among online and live tournaments, as in our case:

"The first time I played a Mystery Bounty I ended up 16th... Since I deactivated all animations, I didn't realize the format and, so far, I didn't even get a bounty! - Giada told us in the afternoon.

"To tell you the truth, it's not like things were any different in the other Mystery Bounty games I played: I had some good deep runs but when it came to opening the bags... It was a disaster! Both at the 550 in the Bahamas where I ended up again in 16th place, and one in Barcelona where I came out 9th at the final table. Without any bounties of course!"

Giada Fang all'IPO Sanremo 2023
Giada Fang in azione all'IPO Sanremo 2023

How to play a Mystery Bounty?

They are undoubtedly the novelty of 2023. Mystery Bounty tournaments first caught on online and, not too late, live.

The bounty mode comes into play after the bubble bursts and allows, whoever eliminates a player, to get a "mysterious envelope" containing a prize of an unknown amount (ranging from a minimum to a maximum set, in the case of EPM the biggest bounty being 100,000 euros):

"There is no precise study on this format yet, also because these are normal tournaments both in the initial phase and once the biggest bounties come out. Certainly, in the intermediate phase with most of the bounties still in play, the game is more exposed to variance, especially if the bigger ones haven't come out yet.

Let's say that these are just strategic adjustments coming from common sense because it is difficult to know exactly how much to widen the ranges based on the average size of a bounty, precisely because it is an average amount that does not say anything about the Expected Value of the individual bounty in that precise moment."

Giada Fang all'IPO Sanremo 2023
Da sinista a destra: Daniele De Feo, Giada Fang, Davide De Luca

From table to commentary

The youngest may not remember Alberto Russo's voice when, in the early days of online poker, he used to be the leading voice, together with Dario Minieri, on famous pros' hands commentary.

For the past year or so Giada has been back in the commentary booth along with "Grande Alba" (or "Great Dawn" if you prefer), succeeding the timeless duo formed by Andrea Borea and Antonio Graziano who delighted us for almost a decade:

"Back in 2013 I was already commentating on Poker Italia 24 and it is a parallel activity that I have always carried out with great passion. I'm thrilled to be doing it in Italian and we have a large following base, as there has always been a large audience in Italy.

This experience comes at just the right time, I've been missing doing it even if, unfortunately, interaction is limited since we don't have a chat room to reply."

Giada Fang EPT TEAM EPM Eurorunders
Giada Fang assieme al Team di PokerStars all'ultimo EPT

The Fifth Fatigue

It was 2015 when Giada Fang first translated a book on poker into Italian. In that case, it was "The Mental Game of Poker" by Jared Tendler, a manual that for some has become a Bible considering also the little literature available on the subject.

Since then, with Dara O'Kearney's 'La GTO Semplificata', there have been five books on which he has put his signature in the Italian edition. Here is how the translator's work unfolds:

"First we read the book individually to get a general idea of what to do, and then we divide the chapters. I generally take care of the theoretical part, leaving the technical part to Marcello, as I manage it pretty well with anecdotes, specific terminology, and the discursive part."

Giada Fang EPM Mystery Bounty
Giada Fang in azione all'IPO

"Paradoxically, the technical one with tabs and so on is easier. In fact, during the translation, not so many adjustments are necessary. Once the bulk of the work is done, we talk again several times to correct the proofs together and send everything to the typesetter.

Is that all? Not exactly: "No, the job isn't done, because once the layout is ready, the whole job has to be revised once more. Even if it seems like an easy task, it takes several months before going to press.

Has working as a translator helped me as a player? Absolutely. Especially this last book about Game Theory, as I've been practicing with solvers for quite some time, it helps you to fix the fundamental concepts of GTO and make you remember some cornerstones that you tend to forget over time."


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