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🇧🇾Aliaksei Chernak takes down EPM Main Event

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

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In the end, it was him, 🇧🇾Aliaksei Chernak, chip leader on Day2 and winner of the EPM Main Event for €137,000 and a ticket to the WSOPE Main Event.

Bravo yes, but also fucked up, seeing that three times he found himself with a monster hand from the Big Blind on the shove of one of his opponents, progressively increasing his stack until the final heads-up against "Lucky777UA", runner-up of the event for €75,000 (+ WSOPE ME ticket).

Before talking about the epilogue, however, let's go over what happened today, starting with the final table itself, which saw 9 players from 9 different countries involved: EPM once again confirms itself as a tournament with a European flavor.

The Final Table

It took a good five hours of play to get to know the names and faces of the nine finalists here at the Euro Poker Million Main Event.

🇩🇪69SUITED 26,875,000




🇸🇰STEFAN HULIN 11,050,000

🇺🇦LUCKY777UA 7,675,000


🇳🇱JACKE BOSS 6.250.000

🇵🇱KAROL RADOMSKI 6,175,000


1ST. 137 000 € (+ WSOPE ME ticket)

2ND. 75 900 € (+ WSOPE ME ticket)

3RD. 52 800 € (+ WSOPE ME ticket)

4TH. 38 500 € (+ WSOPE ME ticket)

5TH. 31 000 € (+ WSOPE ME ticket)

6TH. 24 900 € (+ WSOPE ME ticket)

7TH. 18 900 € (+ WSOPE ME ticket)

8TH. 13 300 € (+ WSOPE ME ticket)

9TH. 10 000 € (+ WSOPE ME ticket)

It started at the 250K/500K level, ante 500K, with average stacks around 20 blinds and the German 🇩🇪69SUITED leading the pack, followed by the Day2 chipleader 🇧🇾ALIAKSEI CHERNAK, always on the ball throughout the final day.

To review the action in streaming on our YouTube channel with Italian commentary by Cesare Antonini and Jack Bonora, just click on this link.

Karol Radomski is the ninth-place finisher

Blinds 250K/500K, ante 500K

Karol Radomski goes straight all-in from MP with Q♠️ Q♦️ for less than 10BB, but finds Morten Andresson with K♠️♣️ from BB.

Board: 9♠️ 9♦️ J♥️ 2♦️ 5♦️

Radomski, who started last, is the first to be eliminated and has to settle for a 10K prize + WSOPE ME ticket.

Antonio Turrisi closes in eighth place

Blinds 300K/600K, ante 600K

Remaining with just 5 BB, Turrini goes all-in with A♦️ Q♠️ from UTG, finding the 3-bet isolation at 9.9M by "69Suited" from SB with A♥️ 5♥️ encouraging BB to pass.

Board: 8♠️ Q♥️ 3♥️ 6♥️ J♠️

Turrisi goes home with a €13,300 prize and a ticket to the next WSOPE Main Event.

"Jackie Boss" is out in seventh place

Blinds 400K/800K, ante 800K

On a Blind VS Blind dynamic, 'Jackie Boss' goes all-in for about 10BB with Q♦️ 7♣️, Morten Andersson from BB pins K♥️ 7♦️(stack 33BB) and decides to play the hand.

Board: J♥️ 4♣️ 3♠️ A♣️ 9♠️

"Jackie Boss" closes in 7th place and cashes for €18,900 + a WSOPE ME ticket.

Stefan Hulin is the sixth place finisher

Blinds 400K/800K, ante 800K

Stefan Hulin from HJ finds himself with A♠️ Q♣️ and puts his 7 million chips (about 9BB) in the middle of the table, "Lucky777UA" from BB (18BB stack) calls with J♣️ K♥️ and we go to showdown.

Board: 5♦️ 7♣️ K♣️ 6♠️ 7♠️

Stefan Hulin finishes sixth to win €24,900 in prize money and the chance to play in the WSOPE 10K Main Event.

"69Suited" eliminated in fifth position

Blinds 500K/1M ante !M

Aliaksei Chernak from Co opens with A♥️ A♦️, "69Suited" goes all-in for 23BB from BTN with K♥️Q♥️, the blinds pass ("Lucky777UA" puts in A♠️ J♣️ from the BB) and the Belarusian has one of the easiest calls in history.

(Pot 48.5M) Board: 5♠️ 9♠️ 4♣️ 10♠️ K♠️

"69Suited" exits in 5th place and cashes for €31,000 plus WSOPE ME ticket.

Dragoljub Martinovic busts in fourth place

Blinds 500K/1M ante 1M

Dragoljub Martinovic goes all in with K♣️ 9♦️per just over 6BB, calls from SB Morten Andersson A♥️ 9♣️ (28BB stack) but Aliaksei Chernak is again lurking with A♠️ A♣️ from BB ready to reap another victim and just calls.

(Pot 21.9M)Flop: 10♣️ Q♣️ 6♦️

A 1/4 pot bet is all it takes for Andersson to desist from continuing the hit and Aliaksei can finally turn over his Aces,

Turn: Q♦️

River: 7♥️

Dragoljub Martinovic is the fourth place winner €38,500 plus WSOPE ME ticket.

Morten Andersson closes in third place

Blinds 600K/1.2M ante

We are in a Blind War situation and Andersson goes straight all-in with K♣️ 4♦️da SB for just over 15BB, but Aliaksei Chernak with Q♠️ Q♣️ is ready to make the call (stack 36).

(Pot 39M)Board: 6♠️ 9♠️ 7♦️9♣️ 10♠️

Morten Andersson takes the bronze medal and cashes for €52,800 plus a ticket to the WSOPE Main Event.

'Lucky777UA' is the runner-up, Aliaksei Chernak wins

Blinds 600K/1.2M ante 1.2M

After a pyrotechnic comeback to the tune of showdowns won, "Lucky777AA" manages to come back almost even-stack, but there is an air of deal between the two and in fact, the final showdown is certainly not a heads-up strategy tutorial:

"Lucky777AA" indeed opens x5, Chernak shoves with Q♦️ 2♣️ and the original raiser calls with 7♠️ 5♦️.

Board: 10♦️ Q♣️ 2♥️ 10♥️ 4♣️

Regardless of the shambolic ending, Aliaksei ran a flawless tournament and, all in all deserved to lift the trophy to the sky. Below is him immortalized with his friend, who supported him throughout the final table.

Little curiosity, this photo was taken just before the start and not, as it might seem, at the end of the play. And judging by the way things went, it has something of the prophetic about it...


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