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🇨🇿 Marek Svacha is ahead of everyone on Day1 E

Entries 553/ Let 55

Day 1 E of the France Poker Festival ended a little over an hour ago. 395 physical players took part in the event, which, together with 158 re-entries, recorded the highest number of entries to date: 553.

Fifty-five moved on to the next step, adding to the 58 from the other flights for a total of 113 qualifiers for Day 2 out of 1,084 entries.

Taking the lead, not only on Day1 E but in the overall count, is Czech Marek Svacha (pictured above), the only one along with his pursuer 'Verschworungs-theoretiker' to cross the one million chip mark:

"The day was rather up and down until I hit the first double-up A-A against K-K. Then I hit another double-up with K-K vs K-Q against a player who check-shoved with a stone-cold bluff on a baby board, and from then on things changed.

I finally had a big stack to put pressure on my opponents and from 700,000 I made it to 1.1 million without a single showdown.

I've been a pro in the past, but for a few years now poker has just been a hobby. Why did I stop? My focus was only on the game and I was losing sight of other aspects of life. Now I do other things with my life even though poker is always there and I still play online cash games and allow myself a few live games during the month, especially when there are events like this one."

The Top 5

As mentioned earlier, second on the list after Marek Svacha (1,102,000) and second in the overall count is the German 'Verschworungs-theoretiker' with 1,088,000 chips.

He is followed a little further behind by the Czech Dominik Martan with 876,000, a performance that is also worth third place in the overall count. Austrian Andreas Christian Gabriel 654,000 and American "Yunghill" (627,000) complete the Top 5. The full list of 55 qualifiers follows.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Marek Svacha CZE 1.102.000

  2. Verschworungs-theoretiker DEU 1.088.000

  3. Dominik Martan CZE 876.000

  4. Andreas Christian Gabriel AUT 654.000

  5. Yunghill USA 627.000

  6. ICEMAN DEU 627.000

  7. Rocco Belli ITA 614.000

  8. Adam Kosiedowski POL 596.000

  9. Carlos Albert Castelo FRA 579.000

  10. Sylvain Chaumy FRA 570.000

  11. Sascha Pregler DEU 557.000

  12. Michael Hirsch DEU 516.000

  13. Dimitrija Bogdanovski CHE 505.000

  14. Beat Mathys CHE 503.000

  15. Franco Giuseppe Lasia ITA 498.000

  16. Danilo Paciullo ITA 492.000

  17. Aurelien Kissangou FRA 481.000

  18. toto lycky FRA 475.000

  19. COCO ROU 446.000

  20. Aleksandar Savanovic DEU 439.000

  21. Dimitri Benjamin Loge FRA 430.000

  22. Antonio De Lucia ITA 429.000

  23. Sergio Vincenzo Regalbuto ITA 411.000

  24. Mario Magistro ITA 404.000

  25. Andar Darayda DEU 400.000

  26. Thierry Kuhn Foret FRA 390.000

  27. Jona Wilmsmann DEU 372.000

  28. Michal Marek CZE 364.000

  29. Xavier Fernan Pelloquin FRA 363.000

  30. Maksim Skovorodnik MNE 340.000

  31. Part Time Player DEU 334.000

  32. Wassima Tejerini FRA 333.000

  33. Ulrich Weilhammer DEU 331.000

  34. Lottinha DEU 324.000

  35. Catalin Paul Diac ROU 305.000

  36. Michael Witter DEU 303.000

  37. Edmond Rama DEU 298.000

  38. Alfons Rotter AUT 289.000

  39. Just4Fun@Kings NLD 289.000

  40. Gerti DEU 281.000

  41. ZevenZeven DEU 239.000

  42. Corrado Martinelli ITA 235.000

  43. Patrik Kiss HUN 233.000

  44. PEPA G. CZE 229.000

  45. Koen Aloys V Casteleyn BEL 211.000

  46. Alexandre Alfred Lieb FRA 209.000

  47. Olzhas Dossymbayev KAZ 208.000

  48. David Adrien Coussens BEL 205.000

  49. Dard DEU 189.000

  50. Robert Weichenberger DEU 185.000

  51. Mňam Mňam CZE 181.000

  52. Thierry Michel J L E Prouteau FRA 165.000

  53. Carlos Manuel Valente Martins PRT 158.000

  54. Paolo Calculli ITA 155.000

  55. Georg Danzer DEU 67.000

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4. Verification: Upon registration, a valid identity document will be requested to confirm identity and the absence of previous stays at the two locations.

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