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🇩🇪Marcel Behrendt scoops IPO Master

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Entries 215

It took ten hours of play to determine a winner, and in the end, Germany's Marcel Behrendt, who started from the second-to-last position in the count, managed to come out on top, cashing for a cool CHF40,250 plus a ticket to the next CHF1,100 The Wolf HR, which will also take place here in Liechtenstein next January.

"It wasn't easy," the winner told us hot off the press, "especially with my starting stack, but I'm overjoyed with the result!

Did the best guy win? Honestly, there were several prepared players, including Andreas Fröhli who luckily busted against my opponent in heads-up, taking a big load off me! I am pleased with how I played, especially some spots where I managed to maximize (see flat with A-A in 4-handed when eliminating "brandstifter").

In the end, we preferred to file the payout rungs and leave 5,000 francs to the winner. The last hand? I decided to 4-bet-jam since my opponent started playing a little too aggressively and luckily it all worked out for the best!"

And now let's look back at this truly gripping final table!

The tournament

They restarted in 14 this afternoon at 2 p.m. sharp, and after an hour and a half of play the five eliminations needed to make up the final table arrived on time.

Playing for a first prize of CHF44,280 + a ticket to next January's Wolf HR. Here is the list of the 9 finalists with respective seats and stacks in play.

Seat1 Luigi Serafin 1.650.000

Seat2 Milad Majida Izadmousa 910.000

Seat3 Andreas Mages 1.560.000

Seat4 Brandstifter 3.520.000

Seat5 Salih Atac 3.730.000

Seat6 Marcel Behrendt 1.000.000

Seat7 Dritan Kaleci 2.980.000

Seat8 Andreas Fröhli 4.800.000

Seat9 DAMAGE 955.000


1. CHF44,280 + Wolf HR Ticket

2. CHF31,250 + Wolf HR Ticket

3. CHF22,080 + Wolf HR Ticket

4. CHF17,760 + Wolf HR Ticket

5. CHF13,120 + Wolf HR Ticket

6. CHF9,930 + Wolf HR Ticket

7. CHF8,370 + Wolf HR Ticket

8. CHF5,910 + Wolf HR Ticket

9. CHF4,660 + Wolf HR Ticket

10. CHF3,980 + Wolf HR Ticket

Let's get started!

Blinds 25K/50K, ante 50K

It starts immediately with an all-in and a call between "Damage" and Andrea Mages: 5-5 for the female player and A-Q for Mages on 6-4-J-10-10 and "Damage" hits a very important double-up.


Blinds 30K/60K, ante 60K

Players go on break for 15 minutes, the situation at the moment:

Seat1 Luigi Serafin 1.205.000

Seat2 Milad Majida Izadmousa 660.000

Seat3 Andreas Mages 775.000

Seat4 Brandstifter 3.035.000

Seat5 Salih Atac 4.465.000

Seat6 Marcel Behrendt 1.120.000

Seat7 Dritan Kaleci 5.025.000

Seat8 Andreas Fröhli 4.115.000

Seat9 DAMAGE 1.200.000

🇦🇹Andreas Mages is the 9th-place finisher

Blinds 30K/60K, ante 60K

Andrea Mages opens from late-position, and Andreas Fröhli floats from BTN, blinds pass.

With just under a pot-size-bet Mages goes straight all-in with A♥️ Q♣️ on K♣️ 8♠️ 4♣️, Fröhli thinks about it a bit and calls with 5♥️ 5♦️.

Turn 7♠️ and river J♣️ do not help Mages who have to settle for a CHF4,660 prize + a Wolf HR ticket worth CHF1,100.

On the following hand, Milad Majida Izadmousa manages to double-up shoving A-6s from BTN against Salih's A-5s from the BB. The board runs 4-5-A-6-A and Izadmousa goes up to 800K.

Fröhli in the lead, Salih down to 25 bigs

Blinds 30K/60K, ante 60K

Fröhli takes the lead against Salih. The action: opens Salih from HJ, Fröhli 3-bets from BB, all folds and Salih calls. On board A♣️A♦️J♠️, Fröhli c-bets small to 250K, Salih raises to 600K, call.

Turn: Q♠️, check to check.

River: 4♦️, Fröhli bets 1.2M, Salih passes and the Austrian cashes a pot of about 1.8M taking the lead in the count.

Salih himself finds himself involved in another spot against Kaleci from BTN 3-bets Salih's opening with K♣️J♣️, who decides to float out of position.

The flop reads J♠️ 6♥️ 9♦️ and Salih check-calls Kaleci's 350K bet.

Check to check on both 8♦️ turn and A♣️ river: Kaleci shows Q♥️ Q♠️ and scoops the pot, while Salih drops to just under 2M, with an average stack at 2.6M

Milad Majida Izadmousa closes in eighth place

Blinds 30K/60K, ante 60K

Before the elimination, on the previous hand, Marcel Behrendt found himself all-in against Andreas Fröhli. Below is the action:

Open by Marcel Behrendt A♣️Q♣️ from UTG, 3-bet Andreas Fröhli from the lo-jack with J♣️J♠️ and flat to the original raiser.

On flop 5♥️ 2♣️ 10♣️ check-shove to 895K for Behrendt and snap-call for Fröhli.

Turn: 6♥️

River: 9♣️

Marcel Behrendt doubles up and moves to over 3 M chips, and Fröhli drops to second in the count with Kaleci back in the lead.

On the other hand, in CO vs SB dynamics, Milad Majida Izadmousa goes all in for 475K total finding the re-shove of Atac Salih. At showdown 7♠️ 8♠️ for the former A♥️ K♦️per the latter.

Board: K♥️ 2♠️ 4♠️ 8♥️ 9♦️

Milad Majida Izadmousa is the eighth-place finisher and cashed CHF 5,910 + Wolf HR Ticket, while Salih makes up some of the chips lost earlier.

🇮🇹Luigi Serafin out in 7th place

Blinds 30K/60K, ante 60K

Open-shove by Luigi Serafin with A♣️ A♥️ for just under 1M chips and call from BB by Atac Salih with 8♦️8♥️.

Board: 6♣️ 8♣️ 9♣️ K♠️ 2♦️

Serafin is the 7th place finisher for CHF8,370 + Wolf HR Ticket, and Salih moves to Top3.

🇨🇭Damage gets out in 6th place

Blinds 40K/80K, ante 80K

Apre Fröhli con J♠️ 7♠️ da UTG/lo-jack (siamo in 6-handed), e da BTN con K♣️10♠️ “Damage va all-in per poco meno di 10BB, chiama l’austriaco e si va allo showdown.

Board: 6♣️ 10♦️ 4♥️ 4♠️ J♥️

Andreas Fröhli busts "Damage" who still collects a CHF9,930 + Wolf HR Ticket prize.

On the following hand, huge pot for Marcel Behrendt against Dritan Kaleci.

Behrendt opens with 2♦️ 2♥️, 3-bet Kaleci with J♣️ J♠️ from CO, other players pass and made the original raiser.

On flop 2♠️ 7♥️ K♠️ Behrendt check-raises Kaleci's bet, who calls.

On the turn, a 7♣️, Behrendt bets 1/4 pot, Kaleci calls.

The river is a 4♦️, Behrendt goes all-in and Kaleci after using two time-bank calls.

Behrendt doubles up moving to second in the count behind Fröhli, and Kaleci drops below average (4.3M).

🇨🇭Atac Salih eliminato in 5° posizione

Blinds 40K/80K, ante 80K

It all happens pre-flop in the hand before the break: Fröhli opens to 160K, from UTG (we are 5-handed), 3-bet Salih from SB to 780K, Fröhli goes all-in and Salih decides to call for about 2.5M total.

At showdown Fröhli shows A♥️ 9♥️, while Salih K♠️ J♥️

BOARD: 9♠️ 2♠️ 3♣️ 7♠️ 10♥️

Salih closes in 5th place for CHF13,120 + Wolf HR Ticket, Fröhli flies to almost 8M.

Here is the situation at the moment:

Andreas Fröhli 7,790,000

Dritan Kaleci 5,165,000

Marcel Behrendt 4,855,000

Brandstifter 3,690,000

Players are now on dinner break for half an hour and will resume at the 50K/100K level, 100K ante.

What a battle between "brandstifter" and Behrendt!

Blinds 50K/100K, ante 100K

Here are the two hands that brought Marcel Behrendt to the top of the count.

In blind war "brandstifter" opens from SB on Behrendt who defends.

The pot is 800K and on 5♦️8♣️ J♦️ "brandstifter" bets 250K finding his opponent call.

Check for both on K♦️ turn and 1.1M bet for "brandstifter" on 9♣️ river. Behrendt does not even wait until the end of his 30 seconds and decides to call, but at the sight of J♣️ J♠️ he is forced to throw his cards in the muck.

In the next hand open from CO by "brandstifter" with A♥️ Q♦️3-bet by Behrendt, from BTN with A♣️ K♠️, pass the other two players and 4-bet shove by the Original raiser. Behrendt calls for his 3,555,000 and it's showdown.

Board: 10♥️ 9♦️2♠️ 9♣️ J♦️

Behrendt flies ahead of the count with around 8M chips, "brandstifter sinks in the count remaining with 14 BB when the tournament average is over 50BB.

After a few hands "brandstifter" nibbles a few blinds from his opponents and here is the stack situation at the moment:

Marcel Behrendt 8M

Dritan Kaleci 5.8M

Andreas Fröhli 5.3M

"brandstifter" 2.3M

"brandstifter" is the fourth runner-up.

Blinds 50K/100K, ante 100K

"brandstifter" decides to open with A♥️ 5♥️, from BTN Marcel Behrendt flats, so does SB and BB.

On flop 7♦️ 2♦️ 2♣️ they all check, while on turn 2♠️ bets "brandstifter" 250K, Behrendt calls, and BB folds.

The river is a 7♥️, it would look like an announced split but "brandstifter" goes all-in and Behrendt goes "in the tank" using almost every time bank available and then calls with A♠️ A♦️.

"brandstifter" is eliminated in 4th position and now the 3 survivors are discussing a possible deal for ICM.

No deal, the action restarts 3-handed

Blinds 60K/120K, ante 120K

After seeing the numbers the remaining players decide to continue. Here is the stack situation at the moment:

  1. Marcel Behrendt 8M

  2. Dritan Kaleci 7M

  3. Andreas Fröhli 6.5M

Kaleci leaps into the lead

Blinds 60K/120K, ante 120K

The game is played on eggs given the payout steps, and Dritan Kaleci, pot by pot, manages to take a decent lead over his opponents. Stack situation:

Dritan Kaleci 11M

Marcel Behrendt 6.8M

Andreas Fröhli 4.2M

Marcel Behrendt on Kaleci: he's the new chip leader

Blinds 60K/120K, ante 120K

A hand that shifts the balance in play: Kaleci opens from BTN, Fröhli calls and Behrendt completes from BB.

Triple check on 8♦️ 6♥️ 5♠️, the turn is a 5♥️, and this time Behrendt check-raises to 1.5M on Kaleci's 400K bet, while Fröhli passes with no problem.

The river is a 3♥️, Behrendt opts for a value-bet of about 1M, Kaleci calls after using a time bank and mucks at the sight of 9♦️7♣️ of the German (flush on the flop), which exceeds 11M.

Kaleci goes down to 3.8M, Fröhli remains on the watch with just under 5M.

Andreas Fröhli is the third-place finisher

Blinds 60K/120K, ante 120

What a clash between Kaleci and Fröhli: the former opens from BTN and Fröhli from SB 3-bets to 850K, passes BB and Kaleci goes directly all-in (covering his opponent in chips). Fröhli thinks about it for a while and calls with K♦️ Q♦️ (4,290,000 total) finding his opponent with Q♣️ J♣️ and it goes to showdown.

BOARD: 10♥️ 9♥️ 9♣️ 8♣️ 10♦️

Kaleci finds a miracle straight flush on the turn and eliminates his direct opponent who closes in third place for CHF22,080 + Wolf HR Ticket. Here are his hot words:

"The outcome of the hand was not pleasant but once I decided to 3-bet, being in dynamic 3-handed so with wider ranges and also considering that with the level change I would have played with 25BB, I think it's right to call.

The ICM? Yes, it is something I took into account but knowing the opponent I preferred to call. Am I happier or more sorry? Going out like this hurts, but I can't complain about the run: everything was fine until the 3-handed phase, then I lost something like 7 spots in a row with the same opponent..."


Blinds 80K/160K, ante 160K

Dritan Kaleci and Marcel Behrendt are playing for the title and a first coin of 44,280CHF plus Wolf HR tickets. The two decide to settle, leaving CHF5,000 to the winner, so let's enjoy this head-to-head between the two finalists! Stacks in play:

Dritan Kaleci - 10.390.000

Marcel Behrendt - 10.780.000

Behrendt takes off

Blinds 80K/160K, ante 160K

After getting ahead by winning several small pots, Kaleci decides to 3-bet on Behrendt's 400K opening from BTN putting 1.5M in the pot with K♦️Q♥️. Only Behrendt calls with A♥️ A♠️ and it goes to the flop.

Flop: 2♥️ 10 ♠️ 6♠️

Bet 400K Kaleci, raise 900K Behrendt, calls.

Turn: J♦️check by Kaleci, direct all-in for Behrendt (4,310,000 his remaining stack), and snap-call by Kaleci with his straight draw.

River: J♥️

Behrendt jumps to the lead with twice as many chips as his opponent.

Marcel Behrendt wins IPO Master, Dritan Kaleci runner-up

Blinds 80K/160K, ante 160K

Kaleci makes up some ground by showing off some pretty aggressive play, but after a few hands comes the denouement.

Open 400K by Behrendt with 8♥️ 8♠️, 3-bet 2M by Kaleci with K♦️ J♥️, all-in by Behrendt and call by Kaleci (actual stack 9.8M)

BOARD: 10♣️ 3♣️ 9♥️ 5♦️ 10♠️

Behrendt wins IPO Master and takes home CHF40,265, Kaleci runner-up for CHF35,265


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