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🇧🇦 "AMADEUSPRVI" at the last gasp on Day1 C!

Entries 94/Left 21

It was a more lively Monday than usual in the GCPoker Room in Bendern, Liechtenstein, for Day1 C of the Sharkbay Main Event, which today, as well as for the next two days, features the "chip leader bonuses" formula with 10,000 Swiss Francs up for grabs for the top three finishers.

There were 94 entries in total, including 60 physical players and 34 re-entries, and 21 players qualified for Day 2 B next Thursday.

Showing off this evening was "AMADEUSPRVI" (photo below), thanks to a pyrotechnic finale, which we reported in detail on our LIVE BLOG and which we will replay below.

With the first three positions still uncertain, on the last hand, there were fireworks at table 6 with “Elramo,” "AMADEUSPRVI", and Dalibor Milic involved in a crazy 3-way all-in pre-flop.

“Elramo” open-shoved with A♥️ J♣️ (Stack 116K), "AMADEUSPRVI" with 10♥️ 8♥️ (stack 166.5K) decided to gamble and Dalibor Milic, with  A♣️ 4♠️ (stack over 200K) joined the party.

BOARD: Q♦️ 10♣️ 6♦️ 10♦️ 2♣️

“Elramo” busted, Milic bagged 49K, and "AMADEUSPRVI" scooped a huge pot that led him to climb up the ranking and cash the 5K awarded to the chip leader.

Here is the expression of the day's protagonist at the sight of the second Ten on the board with still one card to turn over (the K would have given the straight to 'Elramo', completely reversing the situation).

"I still can't believe it! - commented a beaming 'AMADEUSPRVI' - I tried to play the shot in an attempt to finish in the top three and win one of the prizes, but I had no idea he would call the third one with A-4!

I'm still in shock, this shot won me 5,000 francs, it's absurd! But how did he put with that third hand? Unbelievable!"

The Top 5

Second in the count collecting 3,000 francs in prize money is the Swiss "Tony G" (395,000), followed by Tanes Tanasomoon with 375,000 and 2,000 francs in prize money (top right photo in the gallery below).

The Swiss are just 5,500 chips ahead of "Kim Kim" (pictured bottom right in the gallery below), followed by Adrian Lisner in fifth with 319,000 chips. The full Day1 C count follows.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. AMADEUSPRVI BA 452.500 CHF 5.000

  2. TONY G RS 395.500 CHF 3.000

  3. TANES TANASOMBOON CH 375.500 CHF 2.000

  4. KIM KIM CH 370.000

  5. ADRIAN LISNER 319.000


  7. ALI ULVI KARABAS TR 290.000

  8. ZIQI LI CN 275.000


  10. MARTIN HUBER CH 232.500

  11. REYS DE 229.500

  12. STAUBLAUI 99 CH 194.000

  13. CLAUDIO BALDINI IT 180.000

  14. GORAN TODOROVIC CH 146.000

  15. PETER CAMPONOVO CH 128.500

  16. XXX CH 122.000

  17. KANZLER AT 116.500

  18. SASCHA MESSMER CH 100.000

  19. SPACE G CH 87.000


  21. DALIBOR MIJIC HR 49.000

To review the whole action, Day by Day, we invite you to check out our LIVE BLOG (only in English 🇬🇧), available at THIS LINK.


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