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🇨🇭 Nabil El Hage at the photo-finish on Day1 D!

Entries 92/Left 17

Another spectacular poker day comes to a close here at the GCPoker Room in Bendern, Liechtenstein, where Day1 D of the Sharkbay Main Event scheduled for May 10-20 is being staged.

Yesterday's 94 entries were joined by 92 this evening (including 41 re-entries), and 17 qualified for Day 2 B next Thursday. Thanks to the "chip leader bonuses" formula, we saw some good things this time, too, especially in the final stages, where Nabil El Hage (photo below) managed to quadruple his stack in the space of two hands, bagging 779,500 chips.

How? We are in the last few hands, and after three open-limps, Nabil El Hage decides to isolate himself with A-K (we are at the 1.5K/3K blinds, ante 3K), raising to 30K—the move that unleashes the ruckus.

The first limper, with a stack bigger than his, goes all-in, the second does the same, the third follows suit, and so does El Hage for a sensational showdown to 4:

Opponents' hands? 10-9s, 8-8 and 6-7o on the board A♦️ 2♣️ 3♣️ K♣️ J♥️.

Amazingly, thanks to a K on the turn, the best hand preflop remains the same on the river, and Nabil El Hage takes home a huge pot. Is that the end of it? Absolutely not, because in the next hand, he had two Aces, and it was a showdown again, this time against two players.

The Aces hold up, and within a couple of hands at table 6, the same table where all hell broke loose last night, five players were out!

The star of the day rejoices after winning the showdown at 4

"It was really unbelievable, when I saw everyone going all-in I said to myself: 'OK, I've got a good hand and there's a 5k chip leader prize, let this be it!'

When I saw the opponents' hands, I thought A-K would never hold, but instead! The next hand, then, I get two Aces."

The Top 5

Thanks to an incredible final rush, Nabil El Hage cashes in at CHF 5,000, surpassing "Arabia" (672,500), which has to be content with CHF 3,000, followed by "Gala 09" at 629,000 (CHF 2,000 for him).

Ralf Imdahl (320,500) and 'IIIII' (316,500) complete the Top 5. Below is the list of the 17 Day2 B qualifiers from Day1 D.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. NABIL EL HAGE CH 779.500 CHF 5.000

  2. ARABIATI CH 672.500 CHF 3.000

  3. GALA 09 CH 629.500 CHF 2.000

  4. RALF IMDAHL DE 320.500

  5. IIIII DE 316.500

  6. WHY NOT CH 297.500


  8. FC BAYERN DE 225.000

  9. MARCO BIGONI IT 187.000

  10. ÖNDER RESBER DE 160.000

  11. BORAT90 DE 150.500

  12. ERSIN BABA TR 141.500

  13. ANDREAS FRÖHLI CH 127.000

  14. ALLADIN TR 124.000

  15. DALIBOR MIJIC HR 107.500

  16. MARIO SCALIA IT 100.000


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