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🇨🇭 Mexxess is the best on Day1 F

Entries 65/Left 16

After the first five qualifying flights were played and the first Day 2, the hottest phase of the tournament began. The Day1 F numbers, however, were the lowest recorded so far, although more players are expected to arrive between tomorrow and Sunday. With three more qualifying flights and a prize pool already well over two-thirds of the guarantee, Sharkbay's Main Event promises to be a sparkling one.

There were 65 entries today, with 16 players qualifying for Day 2 C on Sunday. Switzerland's ‘Mexxess’ was the best with 419,000 chips.

"How did it go today? I think I played well. It was a table with solid players, and I managed to find the right spots to accumulate stacks. The key hand? We are at the penultimate level of play. I open and receive a 3-bet from my opponent. We are both deep with effective stacks above 70x.

I decided to 4-bet, he 5-bet shoved, and I called with Aces, finding my opponent with Kings. This pot boosted me to the top of the count, allowing me to close with a great stack for Day 2. Yes, I play professionally, both online and live."

The Top 5

Given the ‘regressive’ formula, ‘Mexxess’ will start Day 2 with over 200 big blinds. Christoph Martin Spörri can also rejoice with his 351,000 chips, followed by Italian Andrea Cosca at (322,000).

Completing the Top 5 were GeriDakota (271,000) and Tanmmay Jhunjhunwala (264,500), the protagonist of a fine call in the final hands that allowed him to double his stack. Below is the full list of the 16 Day2 C qualifiers from Day1 F.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Mexxess CH 419.000


  3. ANDREA COSCIA IT 322.000

  4. GeriDakota CH 271.500

  5. Tanmmay Jhunjhunwala IN 264.500

  6. FR-Michi CH 242.000

  7. 1937 CH 236.500

  8. ROBERTO GEROSA CH 219.500

  9. THOMAS HOFMANN CH 213.000

  10. Wenne DE 170.500

  11. HURRICANE DE 135.000


  13. Mariano Monti AR 85.000

  14. Tobias Heinsdorf CH 82.000

  15. Bouncer CH 64.500

  16. MARCO BUCCIOL IT 58.500

Nurse Shark PLO - 3-way deal!

The first three players decided to split the remaining prize pool: the shorter stack, RALF KOCH, received CHF 1,550, while JOCHEN M. KAISER and TIMOTHEUS GRALL each received CHF 2,975.

Here's the full payout:

  1. JOCHEN M. KAISER DE 3.515 CHF 2.975 CHF


  3. RALF KOCH DE 1.550 CHF

  4. KROKO123 CH 1.190 CHF


  6. NOKIA 3210 CH 725 CHF

To review the whole action, Day by Day, we invite you to check out our LIVE BLOG (only in English 🇬🇧), available at THIS LINK.


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