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🇧🇬 Emil Abadgiev takes down The Wolf HR

Entries 167

It was quite a battle that involved the 13 finalists in this CHF 1,000 The Wolf High Roller.

In the end, Emil Abadgiev had the best of his opponents, taking down a 29.000 CHF first prize and, of course, the trophy:

"I wasn't even supposed to play this tournament" - said the winner - "As I entered the first level of Day 2. The reason? I was really tilted after a bad run at cash-game tables the night before, so I decided to get a good sleep and try my the tournament the morning, since late reg. was still. And it paid off well!"

Emil is mainly a cash game player, though he doesn't mind taking a shot at MTTs from time to time: "I play only live, except for some online sessions on Sundays. I'm very happy about this achievement, my wife doesn't know anything, it will be a nice surprise for her!"


Emil Abadgiev 29.000 CHF (after deal)

Lorenzo Arduini 26.980 CHF (after deal)

“Nokia 3310” 24.000 CHF (after deal

“Kawasaki” 24.000 CHF (after deal)

Zygimantas Skvarcevskis 8.950 CHF

Benjamin Balling 7.010 CHF.

Jorge Turienzo Aira 5.490 CHF.

Mr. M 4.410 CHF.

Liu Hao 3.590 CHF.

The tournament

It was a contest that lasted throughout the weekend, involving 124 individual players, while the entry count reached 167 thanks to the 43 re-entries made over the 4 available Day 1s.

A great disappointment for the chip leader at the start of Day 2,🇹🇼 Thivakaran Sundaraling, who failed to reach the final stage of the tournament.

On the other hand, the Lithuanian 🇱🇹 Zygimantas Skvarcevskis, who came into Day 2 in the lead, succeeded in the opposite feat.

His final day was characterized by a frightening up and down, which first brought him down to 10 big blinds and then up into the lead after some crazy showdowns.🎢

Meanwhile, on the other table, the action stagnated as many short stacks were involved and it was "Nokia 3310" who took advantage of the situation, crossing the 2 million mark.📈

After the first break (today the levels lasted an hour) the show went on for 15 minutes until "Perry" decided to go all-in with his 6 big blinds from CO, receiving a call from chip leader "Nokia 3310" in BB position.

A-3o against Q-Jo, two Dame on the flop, and almost no hope for "Perry" who was already drawing dead on the turn. For all 9 survivors, minimum cash of 3,590 CHF.

🇨🇭 Liu Hao busts in 9th place

Blinds 30K/60K, ante 60K

At the very first hand of the final table the Swiss player 🇨🇭 Liu Hao finds the elimination against 🇩🇪 "Kawasaki", who opens from Early Position with A❤️ 8♣️.

🇨🇭 Liu Hao from the BTN decides to shove his 9 bigs with Q♦️ 9♦️, findind a snap-call from the Original Raiser.

The board doesn't help the underdog and Ace High is enough to take the pot down for "Kawasaki", while 🇨🇭 Liu Hao has to leave the table for a 3.590 CHF prize.

🇨🇭Mr. M ends in 8th place

Blinds 30K/60K, ante 60K

He started from second place in the provisional count but luck was not on his side in the decisive moments and after losing a bad beat he found himself playing with just over 5 big blinds in the 8-handed phase.

In the decisive hand, after Zygimantas Skvarcevskis' opening from MP, he decided to just call from BTN with Pair of Threes as the blinds folded.

The continuation of the hand is practically written, finding himself already pot-committed.

On Q♦️Q❤️ K♦️in fact, he calls the OR's c-bet for the remaining portion of the stack (about 3 BB) and it's showdown time.

Skvarcevskis shows Q♠️ J ♣️ and neither an 8♦️ on the turn nor an A♣️ help him turn the tables. For the Swiss a prize of 4,410 CHF

🇪🇸 Jorge Turienzo Aira closes in 7th position

Blind 40K/80K, ante 80K

"Nokia 3310" opens from EP and Jorge Turienzo Aira, left with just under 5 BBs decides to put all the chips in with 8♣️ 9♠️ leaving aka chip leader the easiest call in history with A❤️ Q❤️

Board: 4♣️ 5♠️ 6♦️ A♣️ J❤️

Jorge Turienzo Aira finds no help on the board and closes his tournament in seventh place for a prize of 5,490 CHF.

🇩🇪 Benjamin Balling closes in 6th place

Blind 50K/100K, Ante 100K

Just after the half-hour dinner break, there's a CO/BTN dynamic between Emil Abadgiev and Benjamin Balling: the former opens, the latter shoves for about 8BB, and after the fold of the blinds comes the call.

At the showdown, Abadgiev comes up with A❤️5♦️mentre the short turns J♦️ J♠️

Board: 8❤️ 4♣️ 3♠️ 8♦️ A♠️

With a resounding Ace on the river, Emil Abadgiev took home a big pot condemning German Benjamin Balling to elimination in sixth place for 7,010 CHF.

Zygimantas Skvarcevskis ends his run in 5th place

Blind 50K/100K, Ante 100K

Eliminations abound at this stage of the final table. This time it was the turn of Zygimantas Skvarcevskis, who open-shoved 15BB from CO with A❤️ 5❤️ but found Lorenzo Arduini with A♠️ K♠️ and it was a showdown.

Board: A♣️ 5♦️ J♠️ J♣️ 8 ❤️

Zygimantas Skvarcevskis stops his run in 5th place cashing for CHF 8,950.

🇩🇪 Kawasaki busts in 4th place

Blind 50K/100K, Ante 100K

In the 4-handed phase, the contenders decided to spread the payout in this way:

1. 29,000 CHF (instead of 50,000)

2. 26,980 CHF (instead of 26,350)

3. 24,000 CHF (instead of 15,000)

4. 24,000 CHF (instead of 12,630)

Kawasaki" opens from the CO with Q❤️ 10♣️ and about 15BB behind and Lorenzo Arduini finds himself "just calling" with A♠️ A❤️ from the Big Blind.

Flop: 6♣️ 6❤️ 10♦️

They both check and it goes to the turn, an 8♣️.

Another check for "Kawasaki" who, on Arduini's 300K bet, raises to 650K. The Italian simply calls and the dealer turns over a J♣️ on the river.

At this point, it is "Kawasaki" who takes the initiative by going all-in for about 6BB remaining.

Arduini is faced with a fairly easy call and for "Kawasaki" his dreams of glory in 4th place are extinguished with a 24.000CHF reward.

🇨🇭'Nokia 3310' gets the bronze medal

Blind 50K/100K, Ante 100K

The game was soon over for "Nokia 3310" who found himself down preflop after being left with just over 5 BBs in the 3-handed phase.

On Emil Abadgiev's opening with K♦️ K❤️ he puts them all in with A♣️3❤️: lightning call from his opponent and it's a showdown.

Board: 2♠️ 7♦️ 8❤️ 8♣️ 5♣️

No reversal for the Swiss who closes in third place, cashing in a cool CHF 24,000.

Heads-up time!

Blinds 60K/120K, Ante 120K

It finally came down to the final head-to-head between Lorenzo Arduini and Emil Abadgiev, both of whom were quite deep with around 70BB each.


Blinds 60K/120K, Ante 120K

After about twenty hands, it was Emil Abadgiev who took the lead, moving to over 10 million chips against Lorenzo Arduini's 4 million. Let's remember that the two are playing for a difference of 2,010 CHF, as they were both guaranteed 26,980 CHF following the deal made in the 4-handed phase.

Emil Abadgiev takes down The Wolf HR, Arduini runner-up

It was a nail-biting finish to The Wolf HR as the two contenders found themselves all-in with A-3 vs A-K and a 3 on the turn gave Emil Abadgiev a huge pot and he took the lead leaving Arduini with the change.

On the next hand, however, the Italian came back in with A-5 vs K-6 finding an Ace on the river after a King materialized on the turn.

With about 35 BB of deepness Arduini came back to believe but a few hands later came the epilogue: on his opening with a Pair of Twos, Abadgiev went straight all-in with K♦️ 8♣️ off-suited and after a brief consideration came the call.

Board: 10♦️ 3♣️ A♦️ A♣️

Lorenzo Arduini has to be content with second place for 26,980 CHF, while Emil Abadgiev can enjoy the trophy and first prize for 29,000 CHF.


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