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🇬🇷 Alexandros Dimogiorgis triumphs at Wolf HR!

Entries 246

The CHF1,100 Wolf High Roller played at the GCPoker Room in Bendern, Liechtenstein, ended in victory for Alexandros Dimogiorgis.

A goal that was strongly desired and achieved not only thanks to a fair amount of luck in the showdowns, but also to a superior technical ability compared to most of the opponents in the competition.

For when the opportunity arose to bring up the weight of the stack and attack the table, Alexandros didn't shy away from it at all, putting those in front of him in crisis with raises, 3-bets and 4-bets:

"The only thing I had in mind since yesterday was to lift the trophy up," Alexandros told us beaming, "I mean it! Money comes and goes but memories and experiences are the things that remain and the trophy represents an achievement.

I would like to tell everyone who plays poker or tries it professionally, to never give up on your dreams but to keep believing in them until they come true. This is the message I would like to give!"

The Final Day

It took a good 6 hours of play to go from 18 left to the final table on this Wolf High Roller Final Day, and here are the magic 8:

Seat 1 - Danilo Bedini 980,000

Seat 2 - Symeon Alexandridis 3,650,000

Seat 3 - Alexandros Dimogiorgis 5,465,000

Seat 4 - Roberto Begni 835,000

Seat 5 - Giuseppe Biancoviso 1,200,000

Seat 6 - Dorian Ushe 1,285,000

Seat 7 - Mariano Monti 4,565,000

Seat 8 - Karl Manfred Müller 1,700,000

The Payout

1 CHF 51,810

2 CHF 34,860

3 CHF 24,450

4 CHF 19,850

5 CHF 15,730

6 CHF 12,010

7 CHF 8,740

8 CHF 6,390

Roberto Begni is the eighth place finisher

Blinds 50K/100K, ante 100K

Dimogiorgis opens from UTG2 to 22K, Roberto Begni from HJ with A♦️ K♠️ goes all-in for 835K, other players (including Müller with A♣️ J♣️ and Original Raiser calls.

(Pot 1.9M) BOARD: 9♦️ 3♣️ 9♥️ 6♣️ J♥️

Roberto Begni folds in eighth place for CHF6,390 while Dimogiorgis consolidates his chipleading.

Karl Manfred Müller exits in 7th place

Blinds 60K/120K, ante 120K

Dimogiorgis opens with 9♥️ 6♥️ from UTG1 strong on his stack, Müller from SB goes all-in with A♦️ 10♠️ from SB (640K stack) and Bedini from BB, with J♥️ J♣️ and 540K behind goes all-in in turn. Dimogiorgis is practically forced to put in 4BB to make two player-outs and it's showdown.

(Pot 2.5M) BOARD: 4♥️ 7♣️ K♦️ 9♠️ 7 ♠️

Müller is eliminated and cashes for CHF8,740 while Bedini triple-ups to 2.5M, the equivalent of 20BB.

Giuseppe Biancoviso finishes in 6th place

Blinds 60K/120K, ante 120K

From UTG Biancoviso finds 9♥️ 9♣️ and goes all-in for 1.1M, Alexandridis from SB has the easiest re-shove with Q♥️ Q♦️ and we go to showdown.

(Pot 2.4M) BOARD: 3♠️ 4♣️ 3♦️ 10♥️ 7♦️

Biancoviso has to settle for 6th place for CHF12,010, Alexandridis moves up in the count to 4.4M (about 36BB).

Danilo Bedini is in 5th place

Blinds 60K/120K, ante 120K

Dimogiorgis opens with 6♥️ 6♣️ from UTG to 250K, Bedini finds himself with A♣️ Q♥️ from SB and goes all-in for 1.1M, Dimogiorgis calls and it's showdown again.

(Pot 2.6M) BOARD: 6♠️ 10♦️ 5♥️ J♣️ 9♠️

Bedini greets everyone in fifth place for CHF15,730 while Dimogiorgis flies to 8.2M (68BB).

Dorian Ushe eliminated in 4th place

Blinds 80K/160K, ante 160K

BTN/BB dynamic, Alexandridis opens to 475K with Q♦️ Q♣️, SB passes and Ushe from BB goes all-in with A♦️ 2♥️ for 2M rounds, obviously finding the Greek's snap-call.

(Pot 4.3M) BOARD: 7♣️ 4♥️ Q♠️ A♠️ 8♥️

Dorian Ushe fails to score his second win in a fortnight here at The Wolf Festival after winning the White Wolf but can still rejoice at the CHF19,850 reserved for 4th place.

Break and deal ICM

Blinds 80K/160K, ante 160K

The three players still in the running decide to split the remaining prize pool according to ICM leaving CHF9,900 plus the trophy to the winner.

Here are the figures:

Mariano Monti - CHF31,990

Symeon Alexandridis - CHF34,390

Alexandros Dimogiorgis - CHF34,840

Winner: CHF 9,900

Mariano Monti finishes in 3rd place

Blinds 80K/160K, ante 160K

Alexandros Dimigiorgis opens to 320K with K♣️ 8♣️ from BTN, Monti 3-bet from SB with Q♦️ Q♣️, BB folds and Original Raiser calls.

(Pot 2M) FLOP: 2♣️ J♥️ 8 - Monti C-bet to 450K, Alexandros calls.

(Pot 2.9M) TURN: 5♣️ - Bet 1.7M by Monti, Dimigiorgios goes all-in with flush-draw and an over-card, snap-call to Monti and the cards are turned over.

(Pot 11M) RIVER: 8♠️ - Alexandros Dimigiorgios closes trips on the river and eliminates Mariano Monti, who after the deal takes home CHF31,990.


Blinds 80K/160K, ante 160K

Played for CHF9,900 is the heads-up between the two compatriots Symeon Alexandridis and Alexandros Dimogiorgis, with the latter having the advantage over the former.

After losing a big pot Symeon Alexandridis finds himself with 15BB and decides to limp-shove with K♦️ 9♦️ on the x4 isolation-raise of Alexandros Digiorgios, who calls with A♥️ Q♦️. Showdown time!

BOARD: J♣️ K♣️ 3♥️ 10♠️ 2♦️

Alexandros Digiorgios closed his straight already on the turn and took the Wolf High Roller trophy as well as a CHF34,840 prize (after deal) and the CHF9,900 reserved for the winner.



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