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🇮🇹Massimo Navarra takes down Day1 D

Entries 166 / Left 17

Day1 D of the Wolf Millionaire Main Event closed with 166 entries (129 singles and 37 re-entries), the highest number to date, and 17 qualifiers.

In the previous days, adding Day1 A, B and C, there were 217 entries (157 singles and 60 re-entries) with 24 qualifiers in total.

BobDBuilder, Maria Lampropoulos, and Minh Dang Nguyen were the best on their respective Days, closing with 908,000, 673,000, and 555,000 chips respectively.

The tournament

The head of the count goes to Massimo Navarra, an Italian even if his speech betrays a German inflection. For him 789,000 chips and second position in the overall count:

"Everything went very well," says Navarra, "but this huge stack is the result of the last phase of the game, in which I managed to win some important shots: the one that launched me was a preflop showdown, Aces against Tens, where the Aces held until the river.

Let's say I had luck on my side in the decisive moments, which was enough to close at the top of the count. I am an amateur but have been playing for passion for at least 15 years, in life I do customer service for a company."

Top 5

The second best stack of the day belongs to Frenchman Jamel Ghizaoui at 755,000, while the third step of the podium is taken by Spaniard "SPANIER" with 627,000 pieces tucked inside the envelope.

"TURKEY", from (guess what 🙂) Turkey, closes in 4th position with 521,000, while "EAGLE STYLE" from Israel completes the TOP 5 with 488,000.

Below is the unofficial chip count including all 17 Day2 qualifiers.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Massimo Navarra Italy 789000

  2. Jamel Ghizaoui France 755000

  3. SPANIER Spain 627000

  4. TURKEY Turkey 521000

  5. EAGLE STYLE Israel 488000

  6. Frank Daniel Schuler Germany 465000

  7. Hovhannes Asatrjan Czech Republic 444000

  8. Fabien Henry Baldelli France 377000

  9. Maximilian Wick Germany 337000

  10. Axel Bayout France 320000

  11. Shawn Morales United Kingdom 308000

  12. kenny mcCormick Germany 296000

  13. Hacine Chatteur France 247000

  14. Andreas Repp Germany 234000

  15. Petr Rychly Czech Republic 183000

  16. Maciej Ludwik Kondraszuk Poland 150000

  17. Mr. Funny Israel 106000


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