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🇺🇦 'Gmoa' unstoppable on Day1 H!

Entries 658/ Left 63

The Day 1H of The Wolf Millionaire Main Event has concluded with 654 entries, including 442 physical players and 216 re-entries. Another 63 players will participate in Day 2 this afternoon.

Today’s best performance, which is also the best overall, belongs to the Ukrainian player “Gmoa”, who amassed 1,418,000 chips. Here are his thoughts at the end of the day:

“It was a unique day because I played both the first and second flights today, and for about 12 hours, I didn’t gain a single chip. Then, in the last hour, I accumulated a huge stack, and I am very happy.

I’m not a professional; I enjoy playing occasionally, and this is the first time I’ve ended Day 1 as the chip leader. Hopefully, I’ll do well tomorrow, too!"

The Top 5

Regarding today’s top positions, the German player “Tiko” is in second place with 1,109,000 chips, followed by the Italian Samantha Algeri with 1,012,000 chips. The top five are completed by the Romanian Tamas Kabantnic with 893,000 chips and the Swiss Burim Mahmudi with 857,000 chips.

Below is the complete count for Day 1H, and even further down is the overall count, including all Day 1s played so far, except for Day 1I, which will take place this morning starting at 11:00 AM.

Unofficial Chipcount

Overall Chipcount + Seat Redraw


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